November Address

Dear Parents,

November has arrived with its blustery weather and shorter hours of daylight. With the impending time change, it often seems that November is such a bleak month with little daylight and foreboding weather. However, November has its upside as it is a month where we reflect on the value of peace in our world and commit ourselves to working towards achieving peace in our own personal lives and in the world as a whole.

We take the time during November to pay tribute to the brave young men and women who sacrificed everything to keep our nation strong and free. As Canadians we need to continue to honour them on November 11th, Remembrance Day. Wear a poppy both as a sign of respect for the generations who gave so much so that future generations could have the freedom to build a world of peace, and as a sign of your commitment to never forget that sacrifice. This is a good time to commit to being a peacemaker in today’s world.

For us in the St. Francis Xavier school community, it is also a time to reflect upon our call to be peacemakers by bringing love and peace to all we meet in our daily life and by humbling ourselves to serve our fellow man, setting aside our own needs to help those in need.

It also makes us think about our theme for the year “Care for Our Common Home”, which is, of course, the Earth. War leaves in its wake death and destruction. The horrifying images we see played out in Syria on the news is a terrible reminder of the damage we do to each other as well as the damage we inflict on the Earth. The scars of battle from WW1 and WW2 can still be seen after a century has passed. The weaponry we possess today is far more powerful and therefore far more destructive; we can only hope through a dedication to peace on behalf of each and every one of us can prevent such damage to our common home.