Announcement: May 16th

Class Photo Tomorrow

I was informed at a staff meeting after school that tomorrow will be Class Photo Day.  Please have your child come to school in full school uniform tomorrow and pack the PE uniform to change into.  Sorry for the late notice.  Please spread the word to other parents if possible.  Thank you!

Announcements: May 8th


After all the busyness of Aladdin, we finally selected a song for Singathon.  Our class will be singing “Get Back Up Again” from the movie Trolls.  Here is a link with the lyrics:  We will be practicing this at school but feel free to practice with your child at home also.

Student-led Conference

Student-led Conferences will be held tomorrow.  Students will be expected to be in school uniform.  Please arrive a few minutes early so you are not late for your scheduled time slot.


Here is the May Newsletter and an updated Show and Tell Schedule.  Please note that there were some errors on the Show and Tell Schedule that was handed out.  Please see this one to see if any changes affect your child.  Thanks!

Announcement: April 30th

Flower Offering

We will be celebrating the Coronation of Mary tomorrow at mass.  To honour Mary, students are asked to bring a single flower to school tomorrow.  The flowers from our class will be put together into a bouquet and offered to Mary at the end of mass.






Announcements: April 20th

Aladdin Jr. Photo Day

On Tuesday, April 24th we will be taking group photos for Aladdin Jr.  Students will need to be in their costume for the photo.  The decorated shirts are already in the classroom.  Please have your child bring the rest of the costume to school by Monday.  Grade ones are asked to bring bottoms (pants or skirt) that are either black, silver, gold or royal coloured.  Please make sure they are not sweatpants and have no logos on them.  Students will also need to bring shoes.  Sandals and dress shoes are acceptable but no runners please.

Professional Development Day

Just a reminder that Friday, April 27th is a professional development day for teachers.  There will be no school for students that day.


Announcements: April 11th

Badminton Concession

The Badminton Tournament Concession will be open tomorrow and Friday.  All proceeds will go to our PE department.  The concession will be open at lunch and at Chinese recess.  Monica, our parent rep for 1D, sent out an email with an order form for lunch.  If you are ordering lunch for Thursday and/or Friday, please have your child submit the form and money tomorrow morning.  Students may also bring money to purchase snacks and will be escorted down to the concession stand during lunch and Chinese recess.  Just in case you need it, here is a link to the Badminton Concession Lunch Order Form.

Jersey Day

Most of you have probably heard the devastating and horrific news about the Humboldt Bronco Bus Accident.  To show our support and send our love to the hockey team and their families, our school will be participating in Hockey Jersey Day.  Your child may wear a Hockey Jersey to school tomorrow to honour and remember those that have passed.  Students that do not have a hockey jersey will come to school in their regular PE uniform.

BC Dairy In School Workshop

Due to some scheduling conflicts, the BC Dairy in-school workshop has been cancelled this Friday.  We were unable to reschedule with them so they will no longer be coming to our school for a visit.



Announcements: April 4th

Fresh Grade

Many of you have already accepted my invitation to use the Fresh Grade app to see your child’s online portfolio.  If you have not already done so, please check to see if you have received the email and accept the invitation.

Aladdin Costumes

Thank you to the parents that have been helping with our costumes.  We are almost there and should be all done soon!

Here is the April Newsletter and Show and Tell Schedule.

Announcements: March 28th

Fresh Grade

A notice was sent home last month regarding Fresh Grade.  I am setting up our class profile and hoping that we can get started with using this new app.  Please check for an email inviting you to join Fresh Grade to access your child’s portfolio.  Please be patient with me as I am still learning to use this app.

Holy Thursday 

Most students came to school with their bag for tomorrow’s Holy Thursday Retreat.  For those that did not, we provided a plastic bag so they can begin packing the materials needed for the activities tomorrow.  If you have not already done so, please remember to send your child with a water bottle and a plain bun or bread (this will be their snack for the day).  Also, please note that tomorrow is a noon dismissal.

Good Friday & Easter Monday

Just a reminder that there is no school on Friday and Monday.


Have a Blessed Holy Week and a Happy Easter!

Announcements: March 27th

Parent Volunteers

We are looking for more parent volunteers to help with our Aladdin costumes.  We have enough parents to help with decorating the shirts.  However, the grade ones will now have a second part as peacocks.  We will need a few parents to help with the peacock costume.  We will be making masks and a couple tutus.  This is something that can be done at home as it is mostly just tracing, cutting and gluing.  Please leave me a note in the planner tomorrow if you are able to help with this.

Holy Thursday Retreat

An email was sent out yesterday from the office regarding the Holy Thursday Retreat.  Students are asked to bring a plastic/reusable bag with the following items:

  • water bottle (for drinking)
  • empty toilet roll (I have extras in the classroom if you don’t have this)
  • bread or a plain bun (this will be their snack for the day)

There are other items we will be putting in the bags.  If possible, please send your child to school with the bag tomorrow so we can start packing the other items and prepare for Thursday.

Shirts for Aladdin

There are still a few students that have not brought in their shirt for Aladdin.  Please send the shirt to school tomorrow as they will be sent home with our parent volunteer for decorating soon.

Announcements: March 9th

Reading Log

I decided to give the students a real break and pause on the Reading Log during Spring Break.  If your child would like to continue reading through Spring Break, they are welcome to do so.  It will not be necessary to record it in the Reading Log.

Speech Arts

Several students in our class decided to try out for the individual portion of the Speech Arts Competition.  Markeisha was one of the students selected to move on and represent our school in the Bible reading category for the Archbishop Carney Speech Arts Competition.  It is with great pleasure to announce that she received a Silver ranking!  Congratulations on your achievement Markeisha!

Aladdin Costume

A couple months ago, a notice went home about the costumes for the Aladdin play.  Students were to bring in their t-shirt for decorating by February 23.  I have not received t-shirts from all the students yet.  If you have not already done so, please make sure your child returns to school with the t-shirt after Spring Break.


I am looking for a few parent volunteers to help with decorating our class’ t-shirts for Aladdin.  Please let me know if you are available to help after Spring Break.

Hot Lunch

Calhoun’s will not be delivering hot lunch on Monday, March 26th.  Please make sure you send your child to school with lunch on that day.


Sorry it took me awhile to get this up but here is the March Show and Tell Schedule and Newsletter.

Have a Great Spring Break!  God Bless!

Announcements: February 15th

Lenten Promises

Yesterday marked the begin of the Lenten season.  As a sacrifice for Jesus, each student came up with their own lenten promise (ex. give up something such as candy, chocolate, playing on the ipad or watching TV…) Please ask your child about the promise, and help him/her successfully keep it.

Mite Boxes

Mite Boxes were distributed today.  Money collected during this lenten season will help support our Seminarians.  We will be collecting the mite boxes after Easter.

Chinese New Year Celebration

We will be having our Chinese New Year celebration tomorrow.  Students may wear their Chinese New Year outfits to school.  If they do not have a Chinese New Year outfit, they are expected to come to school in their uniform.  Please note that it will be a noon dismissal.