March Update!

Hello Parents!

February is closing and so is Term Two! It has been a pleasure to welcome back Ms. Angelucci to 2a as she returns from maternity leave and is working Wednesday-Fridays. The children surely blossomed and developed their writing skills as well as research for their spectacular Science presentations! March will be short but full of adventure and skills for 2a. Please read the news letter below!

Grade Two March Newsletter


Ms. Munro, Ms. Angelucci, Ms. Sumera, and Ms. Arruda

Dear Parents,

We definitely had a great start to the year, thank you for all your support! The children were inspired to have a hot chocolate stand to raise money for Chalice and you all made it happen! February will be another busy month filled with fun and experiences, we can’t wait!

Please find all news, events, as well as monthly tips below!

2A February Newsletter

Take care and have a great month,


Ms. Munro, Ms. Sumera and Ms. Arruda

January Newsletter

Dear Parents,

Wow, Term 1 flew by! Ms. Sumera and I are truly impressed with our class this term. They have improved with their critical thinking, expressing compassion, and reflections. Below I have included a few links that has inspired our students during journal writing. I think you will enjoy them too!

Please click the link below for our January Newsletter!


Take care parents! Thank you for supporting your children so well!

Kind Regards,

Ms. Stephanie Munro