Easter Reminders

Dear Parents,

This is a reminder of the email you received this week from the office which explains the activities for tomorrow’s Holy Thursday retreat. Please be sure to send a small plastic or paper bag in tomorrow with one toilet roll insert tube and one bread snack (bread or bun etc only.) The bread (and water bottle) will be their only snack tomorrow.

There is a noon dismissal tomorrow and we return on Tuesday next week.

Have a blessed Easter and looking forward to lots of hard work and fun in Term 3.

Mrs. Brady

Superstar of the Week – Teresa

Say hello to Teresa, our Superstar of the Week!


Teresa brought in three interesting personal artifacts to share with us. Her scrapbook full of memories of vacations, artwork, and certificates, her stuffy Dogdog and her Disney princess poster of stickers and autographs. We got to watch a video of her performing a ribbon dance and a lion dance during Chinese New Year celebrations too.

Here are some pictures Teresa wanted to share with the class.
Teresa is proud of her Keep Christ in Christmas poster for the Knights of Columbus poster contest.

Also are two of her “worlds” that she drew with her mom to play with, complete with paper characters. The first one is a water mermaid world with 5 characters: Two mermaids, Shelley (red hair) and Aqua (blue hair) . The humans are Stephen Harper (in pencil), Justin Trudeau (in blue) and Michael Phelps (yellow). A detailed mermaid mansion is on the right disguised on the outside as coral. The danger zone is on the bottom left with sharks, whirlpool and a kelp forest.
Second is a fairy world with two fairy houses, fairy clubhouse on the right and the Bad Fairy’s house on the left. The fairies’ names are Crystal (in blue) and Rose (not shown). The black fairy is the Bad Fairy which has no name.
Well done Teresa! Thanks for sharing all your talents with us!

20171216_193443 DSC_0359 DSC_0361

Superstar of the Week – Caraline

Our last superstar of the second term is Caraline!


Caraline brought in some very interesting artifacts to share with us; her hand drum and an unusual xylophone / wind chime instrument.

We also got to watch many of Caraline’s talents on video. In her ice skating video was saw her spinning and skating on one foot, we got to watch her cooking eggs all by herself, and finally playing a festive piano piece.

Well done Caraline!


Superstar of the Week – Aydin

This week we’re meeting Aydin, our Superstar of the Week!

Aydin told us in his Fact File that he would love to have the superpower of teleportation, that he loves to read chapter books and his favourite character is Dog Man. He showed us his artifacts too; his unusual Canadian coin collection, his sketches of characters and objects, and his big collection of fidget spinners.

Aydin also demonstrated some live action martial arts patterns, up to ten moves in each form.

Well done, Aydin, great work!