Thursday Reminders

Hello 3C!

Sorry I was away yesterday. I was out of town for a family event.

Thursday Reminders:

  1. Reading Log due Tuesday
  2. Sign spelling quiz
  3. Lesson 8 (from Spelling Workout List on Pg.34) spelling quiz on Tuesday. Students also have the option to study the bonus words on Pg. 36
  4. Remembrance Day reading activity due Monday
  5. Story of my Name OVERDUE. If your child has lost the paper, please download it here: Story of my Name Assignment
  6. Matter Meltdown reflection due tomorrow

Parent Reminder: I would like to move to Seesaw ASAP. Please submit your consent form to me by tomorrow latest so I can add you. All reminders will be posted on Seesaw instead of the classroom blog starting next week. Thanks. 🙂



Monday Reminders

  1. Reading Log due tomorrow
  2. Spelling activity due tomorrow
  3. Sign subtraction quiz by tomorrow
  4. Baby photo due Thursday. They can come in any size 🙂
  5. French worksheet Pg.26 due tomorrow
  6. High Tech High Touch notice sent home

Friday Reminders

  1. R.L. due Tuesday
  2. Spelling activity due Tuesday
  3. Subtraction quiz on Monday
  4. Please bring a baby photo by Thursday. We will be attaching the photo to our timeline
  5. Optional: If you have extra Skittles/Smarties/M&Ms from Trick or Treat, pleas share some with the class on Monday for a science activity. We will be using them to understand the different properties of matter :). Thanks!
  6. French: worksheet Pg.26 due Tuesday
  7. It should be nice and bright outside this weekend. Please spend at least 20 minutes outside. It can be a walk in the park, a ride around the neighbourhood or time on the playground.  Came across this article the other day!

    6 reasons children need to play outside

Wednesday Reminders

  1. Fall Festival + Scarecrow reading sheet due Friday
  2. Spelling activity due next Tuesday
  3. Reading Log due next Tuesday
  4. Birthday Party editing page due tomorrow
  5. Subtraction quiz next Monday
  6. Bring a can of food/non-perishable item for lunch activities in the gym tomorrow (optional)
  7. There’s P.E. before lunch tomorrow. Students may come to school in their costumes but they will also need to bring gym uniform for P.E.

Monday Reminders

  1. Reading Log due tomorrrow
  2. Spelling quiz tomorrow
  3. Birthday Party editing page due Thursday
  4. Math quiz review due Wednesday. Quiz on Nov.4th (Monday)
  5. Bring plastic plate and fork for party on Wednesday (If you’ve missed the instructions, please refer to last week’s post)

Wednesday Reminders

1. Reading Log due Tuesday

2. Rainbow spelling due Tuesday. Spelling quiz on Tuesday

3. Birthday Party editing due Thursday

4. Math quiz review due Wednesday. Subtraction with Regrouping Quiz on Nov.4th

5. PE notice sent home.