Last day of school

Hello parents,

The shape of the day for tmrw is as follows:

Mass at 9am

Recess until 10:45

Hand out report cards

Dismissal at 11:00am

Please note that students will be dismissed at 11am and not at 12pm. There is a luncheon for all staff with the PEC, so punctuality would greatly be appreciated!

Thank you!

Grade 3 Party, Wednesday June 28th

Hello Parents of 3K,

3W and 3K will be having our final party together on Wednesday, June 28th.

With the left over money from the class fund, Ms.Wong and I will be ordering pizza for the classes.

The choices will be cheese, ham/pineapple and pepperoni. Students will be asked to choose what they would like to have tmrw, Tuesday, June 27th.

If you do not want your child to have pizza, please make sure you pack a separate lunch for your child.

Students will eat lunch out on the playground from 12:30 to 12:45pm, clean-up from 12:45 to 1pm, then have some free playing time from 1:00 to 1:45pm.

There will be a final assembly in the gym from 2pm to 2:30pm for the entire school.

Students are welcome to bring in snacks for the class, but not required. If students want to bring in beach mats or toys to play with, that would be fine too!

We hope this will be a wonderful way to celebrate our Grade 3 year!




Daily Homework

Monday, June 19th

  1. Electronics day- tmrw (please see review post for details)
  2. Class Party- Thursday
  3. Confession- tmrw
  4. Krol’s Frips- 7K, selling freezies and chips

Daily Homework

Tuesday, June 6

  1. Best Part of Me Paragraph- Thursday
  2. Field Trip tmrw- wear P.E uniform
  3. Fun Day- Friday (noon dismissal)
  4. Spring photo order form- tmrw