Chalice- Meet Alfredo Xavier!

Dear Parents!

Grade 2 classes will selling Hot Chocolate Sale next Tuesday to help the Chalice organization.

While talking about the Hot Chocolate Sale with our students, I shared a personal story with them today.

I started to sponsor a child from Chalice before working at SFX, and later realized that the child I was sponsoring had a middle name that was Xavier! He lives in Chile with his mom, dad, younger brother and grandpa.

My students wanted to see photos of him so I have decided to share his photos with them.

The Hot Chocolate Sale will support the Chalice organization, which is a Catholic charity organization for children in need around the world!  Please remember the children in your prayers. Thank you!


Alfredo became my sponsor child when he was 4 years old :)

Alfredo became my sponsor child when he was about 3 years old 🙂


Alfredo is now about 9 years old!