Wednesday, September 28th Birthday Lunch

Hello 3K Parents!

This is to let everyone know that a family in 3K has generously offered a pizza lunch for all students on Wednesday, September 28th in celebration of their child’s birthday!

There will be other snacks provided by the family such as chips and fruit. If you would like your child to eat his/her own lunch, please pack a lunch or him/her; otherwise, let them enjoy the pizza lunch! If your child usually eats Nova Food, our PTA rep has informed us that lunch orders can be cancelled online (8am to midnight).

*If your child has specific food allergies (ie.dairy products, pineapple), please remind your child about them and write me a brief note in your child’s planner by Tuesday, September 27th.*



Play Safe, Superstars!

Dear parents of 3K,

I just wanted to ask parents to please remind their children to play safe when they are outside for play time.

I know and understand that kids get excited and like to run around with their friends, but at times, some children can get a little too rough. I have talked to the students yesterday and today about my concerns for their safety.

Hopefully we can try to minimize student injuries as much as we can.

In addition, students should have received a letter explaining their Superstar presentations. Please read the letter and see which week your child has been assigned to be Superstar.

If you know in advance that there is a conflict of schedule due to family vacation, please write me a note. 🙂

Students were told that IF they want to bring something that does not fit in the brown paper bag, they must have a note in the planner saying parents have approved. Please help your child choose 3 items they want to share.

Thank you so for your continued support!

3K Timetable

Hello Parents!

I have attached this year’s timetable for 3K.

Please note that this schedule will need some flexibility when special events come up for the school (or class).

Students received a paper copy of this timetable in their planners today. Feel free to keep this at home for your own reference.Students will have a visual daily schedule on the whiteboard.

If you have any questions about the timetable, please write me a note, or ask on Meet the Teacher/Parent night this Thursday. 🙂



Vancouver Fire Safety House

Just wanted to send out a huge “thank you” to those parents who returned the Fire Safety House letter today! I know it was very short notice.

Most field trip notices will be handed out much in advance.

Usually, we schedule the Fire Safety House workshops near mid-September, but we were not able to book the dates/times as we had wished for.

As the letter mentioned, students in 3W and 3K will participate together for the 3 sessions.

I was happy to see such a high rate of parents willing to volunteer, despite the short notice! Your children received a note in their planners today, if you expressed interest in volunteering.

In case your child does not bring the note home, here are the parent volunteers:

Friday, September 9th from 9-10:30am -> Parent from 3W

Tuesday, September 20th from 9-10:30am-> Parent of Cameron and Carter Chan (3K/3W)

Tuesday, September 20th from 1-2:30pm-> Parent of Mia Iwata-Lee (3K)

Thanks again for your efficient response! 🙂




Thursday, October 13

  1. Spelling list and quiz- Monday october-11-overhead-words
  2. Reading Log- Monday
  3. Social Studies: Right and Responsibility at home – tmrw
  4. Scholastic Book Order- October 19
  5. Bring an old-t-shirt (for painting) – Monday
  • it’s better if you bring a bigger t-shirt  (ask dad or mom)

Welcome to 3K! (2016-2017)

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Thank you !!!!

Let us have a fantastic year together 🙂