Halloween Party

Thank you for returning the Halloween Party forms so promptly.

There were 11 parents that replied that they could help out!

I needed to select 3 parents to help with the set up and I wrote a note in your child’s planner to confirm that today.

To make the selection fair, I wrote the students’ names on post-it and had a student choose names from the pile. If you would like to drop by and stay for the party, you are still welcome to do so.

However, 11 parents + myself, with 28 students might get a bit crowded! >_<

Thank you again for your continued support!

~Happy Halloween~

Field Trip: Writers Festival Groups/Agenda



Hi Parents,

I have attached 2 documents above:

a) Writers’ Festival Groups and Agenda

b) Map of Granville Island

Friendly Reminder: We will be eating our lunch at Granville Island. Please make sure your child comes to school with a sack lunch! Hot thermoses tend to be inconvenient on field trips. If you need to cancel Nova Food Hot Lunch, please do so online.

*Please note*

I will have paper copies of the 2 documents for the parent volunteers tmrw.

Daily Homework

Tuesday, November 22

  1. Reading Log- Monday
  2. Spelling sheet/quiz- next Tuesday
  3. PTA Hot Lunch form- next Tuesday
  4. Parent- Teacher Interview form
  5. Crafting Creative Sentences sheet- tmrw
  6. Start practicing lines for Christmas Play- 3K (Trees)

*Lines for the Christmas Play NEED to be memorized by Friday, December 9th. *



Walkathan, October 7

Hello Parents,

This is our schedule for tomorrow’s walkathan.

  • 9am- Mass
  • 10am- Students return to classrooms and eat snack, drink water

(short recess)

  • 10:30-10:50am- Primary classes begin the walkathan
  • Dismissal after the walkathan

Although tmrw is noon dismissal, if you would like to pick your child right after the walkathan, you are welcome to do so. Parents will need to come up to the class for indoor dismissal pick-up.

Students should wear their P.E uniform, a raincoat or jacket (with a hood) and appropriate shoes (boots) for the weather.

Parents of Candi, Angela and Milo will be walking with 3K. 🙂 Thank you!