Daily Homework

Wednesday, March 1st

  1. Reading Log- Monday
  2. Spelling booklet and quiz- Tuesday Feb 28
  3. Lenten Calendar printable-lent-calendar-for-kids
  4. Books for Donation- Monday

During the season of Lent, students will be encouraged to spend a little more time in prayer, give something up, and/or do an act of service everyday.  It would be great if the calendar can be put up on the family fridge or somewhere where everyone can be reminded of Lent.

Students write a simple word or phrase such as: Prayed, Helped ______, Gave up _______ on each square.

I told the students that this isn’t for ‘marks’ or an assignment that must be completed daily. However, I emphasized on the importance of being with Jesus during the Lenten season. Your support will be greatly appreciated!

Speech Arts Costumes Revised


3K will be performing our final round of “Something Good” next Tuesday March 7th.

Primary Choric Drama will begin at 12:30pm. (This is an approximate time). Lunch break is from 11:45 to 12:30pm.

Please note that I made a minor change to some of our students’ costumes. Please read the revision below:

Boys/Girls of narrators: WHITE TOPS instead of black

(White tops with prints, logos are all accepted. If your child does not have a white top, bright colored tops are preferred.)

Jaden C. -> bright colored top and jeans with runners (or school uniform pants)

Michelle -> casual clothes of choice ( options: jeans, pants, bright colored top, runners)

Milo-> white collared top (school uniform top will do), school uniform pants or jeans, blazer, and tie

(hair with gel)

Cameron-> bright colored top (color of Cameron’s choice, jeans, runners, baseball cap, backpack)

Jonas, Kaylee, Feynman, Mia, Angela->  wear the same clothing as before

 As before, ALL girls MUST have their hair tied. 

If you have any questions, please write me a note in your child’s planner. Thank you !