Daily Homework

Wednesday, March 1st

  1. Reading Log- Monday
  2. Spelling booklet and quiz- Tuesday Feb 28
  3. Lenten Calendar printable-lent-calendar-for-kids
  4. Books for Donation- Monday

During the season of Lent, students will be encouraged to spend a little more time in prayer, give something up, and/or do an act of service everyday.  It would be great if the calendar can be put up on the family fridge or somewhere where everyone can be reminded of Lent.

Students write a simple word or phrase such as: Prayed, Helped ______, Gave up _______ on each square.

I told the students that this isn’t for ‘marks’ or an assignment that must be completed daily. However, I emphasized on the importance of being with Jesus during the Lenten season. Your support will be greatly appreciated!