Daily Homework

Monday, March 6

  1. Reading Log- Optional during spring break
  2. Spelling booklet and quiz- Wednesday
  3. Lenten Calendar- Lent (40 days)
  4. Come in Speech Arts clothing – tmrw (girls, please tie your hair!)

Tuesday, March 7th

Hello Parents!

Our schedule for tmrw will slightly be different because of Speech Arts.

Students should come in their Speech Arts clothing. Please see my previous posting about clothing if needed.

Students will have their lunch recess from 11:15 to 11:30am, then eat lunch from 11:30 to 12:00pm.

From 12 to 12:15pm, we will have the main cast get ready. The rest of the class will be asked to do a quiet activity.

We need to be down in the gym by 12:20pm and be seated for 12:30pm.


Mrs.Harris has kindly asked parents not to be in the Music Room during the performance (taking photos or videos). She has Music classes in the room and asks not to be interrupted. We would appreciate your cooperation of her request.

Thank you for your attention!