May Newsletter

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As mentioned in the May school newsletter, I will be switching roles in September (library/kindergarten). I loved teaching grade 3 for the past 6 years, but I was seeking for a change.

Literacy is a strong passion I hold and I am thrilled to work with different grades to build on more experience and knowledge at the elementary level. 🙂

Thank you for the continuous support and kind words of encouragement.




Daily Homework

Thursday, May 4th

  1. Reading Log- Monday
  2. Spelling Booklet/Quiz- Tuesday
  3. French Quiz on Body Parts- Monday
  4. Bring a flower for Mass- tmrw
  5. Government Poster (label, draw, and color 3 responsibilities of each level of govt)- Tuesday
  6. Spring Photo- May 16th
  7. JumpMath 3.2, p.169-171- tmrw
  8. “How to Vote” sheet with Mrs.Moffatt- tmrw
  9. Scholastic Study Jam- Kingdoms of Life (computer sheet)- tmrw

If you can’t access Scholastic Study Jam at home, you can finish on Thursday, during our computer lab time.