3B Mass

Tomorrow, Friday 1st Dec, is the Grade Three class Mass, and is also our school Mass for the feast day of St. Francis Xavier. Ten of our students are participating in the Mass, a huge number. All parents are welcome to attend. Please make sure that students are in full school uniform tomorrow, wearing shoes, not runners in Church.

Thank  you,

Mrs. Brady

Superstar of the Week – Athena


Athena is our Superstar of the Week. She is a great piano player and showed us a video of her and her mom playing a duet. Talent runs in this family! Athena also presented her giraffe stuffy, her mosaic art and her encyclopedia of dogs. When she grows up she wants to own a Pomeranian.


Here is what Athena is most proud to share with you:

Athena Cartoon Drawing

“I drew these pictures in a cartoon drawing class last year.  The teacher taught me the steps of drawing them.  It is fun to color the big spaces with markers.  The ice cream picture on the top right is my favourite because the ice cream characters have lots of emotions and conversations.  I think it is very interesting.”

Great work Athena!

Attn: Materials Required

Hi 3B parents,

The students will be completing a Social Studies project soon, and for it they need you to send me, in an email, a photo of them when they were young. They should be around 6 months to 2 years old, and their face clearly visible, so that the rest of the class will have to try and figure out who it is in the picture. (Dont choose a very obvious photo!) Please email me a photo by Tues Nov 28th, one week from today. Write your child’s name and photo age in the subject line.

If you want to use a physical, hard copy photo, please take a picture of the photo (clear, no glare) and send that to me in an email.

No photos are to be sent into school in the planner.

Secondly, they will need to bring in some toilet roll inserts (5 tubes cut in half, to make ten pieces) or kitchen paper towel inserts  (3 tubes cut into thirds, to make 9 pieces) for an art project. These will be needed in December, so start collecting now!


Thank you!

Mrs Brady

Superstar of the Week – Vincent


IMG_20171120_132715Meet Vincent, our Superstar of the Week. Vincent loves Lego and making his own comics, he is a talented piano player and First aid First Responder, and even showed us videos of him playing his own piano composition and giving First Aid to an injured Olaf!


Here is Vincent’s proudest achievement, receiving his First Aid medals. Well done, Vincent! IMG_3182

“These are the two first place First Aid medals I got at the St. John Ambulance junior cadet competition.  So you can see the first one at the left it was the first time I went to the competition and got a first place.  It was the first time I got a medal in my life 😀.  In that time my mom was super happy!!!  The second one on the right was the third competition this summer.  When I got my medal my mom was just in time to took lots of photos and videos😁!!!”       – Vincent


Superstar of the Week – Lauren


Lauren is this week’s Superstar, and what a Superstar she is!

Check out her fact file to get to know a bit more about her.



Lauren showed her talent of piano playing in some home movies. She also wants us to know that she is very proud of her drawings.

“These are two of my favorite pastel pictures.  I drew the apple picture when I was 8 and the other pictures was drawn when I was 7.  I also learn piano and the picture was taken when I did a performance last year.” Lauren

2017-06-10 Drawings 004(1) 2017-11-17 moomoo picture 001 2017-11-17 moomoo picture 002 2017-06-10 Drawings 007

Superstar of the Week – Owen


Meet Owen, this week’s SUPERSTAR. Owen showed off his piano skills for his Talent Show and Tell this week, and also revealed his creativity with his Lego car, his clay Batman picture, and his Beyblade spinner.

Read Owen’s fact file to learn more about him!

Well done, Owen!


Owen did some art works by clay two years ago when traveling to Taiwan. he is very proud of them!


Superstar of the Week – Ariella


Say hello to Ariella, our Superstar of the Week! Read her Fact File to get to know her a little better. IMG_20171102_161546


One of Ariella’s talents is karate. She showed us her defence skills in some videos. As a bonus, we also got to see her pet hamster, Cookie’s, talents too!

Here’s what Ariella wants you to know that she’s really proud of…

“This summer, my mom took my sister and I hiking up Grouse Grind. It was very tiring but I am proud and happy that I managed to finish the hike! Some people along the way were cheering me on as I was the youngest person going up the trail at that time. The view at the top (plus the poutine and ice-cream) almost made up for the hard work getting up there.  😛”


Greetings from Mrs. Brady!

Hi Parents and Students,

Our class blog has finally been set up for a new year, and a new Grade 3 teacher!

So far, it has been a great term. We are busy learning and strengthening our friendships. 3B is a pretty good team so far! Thank you parents for all you have been doing for our class and for your children as learners.

This term we have filled our prayer table with beautiful corn, pumpkins, acorns, chestnuts, berries, HUGE pine cones, and plenty of colourful leaves.

Isaac and Vincent decided to go the extra step, and decorate it with a personal touch!

Thanks boys.

Mrs Brady