Merry Christmas from 3B

Dear Parents,

Mrs. Sumera and I, and all the staff of SFX wish you and yours a safe, blessed, and FUN Christmas.

Here are a few reminders for over the holidays:

Dismissal tomorrow at 11am, or you can pick up from the classroom after church.

Back to school on Mon 8th.

Professional Day for teachers on Friday 12th. No school for the children that day.

Please be sure your child continues reading daily over the Christmas. One recorded reading from RAZ kids to be sent to me, so that assessment is up to date for the next term.

The cream duotang should be sent back to school on the first day back, with all pages still inside.

The Speech Arts script “One More Sheep” (in cream duotang) should be fully memorized by all students over the Christmas. They have been told their parts, but should still learn the entire script in case of changes. There is very little time when we get back to prepare for Speech Arts, so having the words learned would be very helpful.

The students created a beautiful choir of angels as gifts for some senior citizens at St. Vincent’s Langara. I want to thank our class parent rep, Wai-ling for asking us to get involved, to show the spirit of our theme “Care for Everyone in Our Common Home”, and hopefully bring a smile to their faces over the Christmas.

Here is a link with information about St. Vincent’s Langara, nearby at Main & 62nd.
IMG_20171220_142412 IMG_20171220_142522 IMG_20171220_142629 IMG_20171221_094352


Mrs. Brady


Superstar of the Week – Kayden



This is our last Superstar of 2017… Kayden!

Kayden is a very talented singer, and performed A Whole New World from Aladdin live in our classroom for his Talent Show and Tell. He also showed us his special artifacts, including his Peacemaker Award medal and his Mickey Mouse cupcake.

Here’s what Kayden is especially proud of:

” I am proud of being a big brother and little brother, of being able to understand the Filipino language, and also visiting my dad’s strawberry greenhouses.I crafted Santa Dome (with my brother) and the Sheep made of clay.  I was really proud of it, as they were my first projects made at 4Cats Studio.”

Well done Kayden!

Kayden Image2 Kayden Image_4 Kayden Image3

Superstar of the Week – Natalie W

Say hello to our next Superstar of the Week… Natalie W! Natalie had so many interesting things to say about her stuffy Racoon, her 3-D printed spinner, and her clay sculpture. We also learned that she is a great piano player and a talented chef. We watched a movie of her making delicious French toast from scratch, completely by herself. We think Natalie should start her own cooking show for kids now!
Well done Natalie!
Here are some more creative things that Natalie is proud to share.
“Natalie made a variety of homes out of paper during the summer vacation.  She likes to design homes and play together with her pom pom characters and Lego mini figures. Natalie also created sand art using colored sand.  This is a special piece of art she learned at the Taiwanese Festival.”

Superstar of the Week – Linden


IMG_20171207_092056Linden is our Superstar of the Week for this first week of December. Linden is a secret ninja and showed us some of his stealth karate moves with a live demonstration in class. He also let us know that he gets up at 7am every morning when his Batman alarm clock goes off, and that he is decorating his Christmas tree with an ornament that he made in preschool. He was also very proud of his Peacemaker medal which he was given in Kindergarten.


Linden wants you to see some of his Lego designing, which he is very proud to share. Well done Linden!

image2 image1

“I created this Lego diorama of Yoda’s home on Dagobah. I am proud of my creation because I used pieces from different sets of Lego to put it together from memory. I think it looks pretty close to the real set!”