Superstar of the Week – Alden


IMG_20180131_084047Say “Howdie” to our superstar Alden!

For his personal artefacts, Alden showed us his shark teeth and seahorse fossils, and his clay character that he made in art class.

Cowboy Alden’s talent video showed us his horse riding skills, and he taught us how to start, stop, and turn the horse carefully.

Here are Alden’s extra photos…

1) Alden helps out at his mom’s dental office once per month. He helps to develop x-rays, fills up the cotton swabs containers, medicine bottles and replenish the paper points. He also helps to run the water through the evacuation system to cleanse the equipment. He is a wonderful helper.
2) Alden helped to plant 50 fig trees, with his cousins, at the family farm in Langley in memory of his grandpa.


IMG_9509 Alden Dental work IMG_2196 Alden fig tree 2 IMG_2188 alden fig tree planting

Superstar of the Week – Natalie C


We were so excited to get to know more about Natalie this week. She showed us her favourite stuffy Pluto, her rock of courage, and her baptismal candle, which she lights every year on the anniversary of her baptism. Natalie is also a very talented pianist and a goal-scoring Ringette player. We even watched her score a flick shot!


Well done, Natalie!
“I am proud of winning all these medals. The first one I received was Christian witness award in kindergarten. I also got a medal for participating in a ringette tournament last weekend. I was awarded with MVP (most valuable player of the game).”IMG_4469

Costumes for Speech Arts Competition

Dear 3B Parents,

Our Speech Arts Competition drama performance is almost here. The book we are performing is One More Sheep by Mij Kelly. This is what we need from home for costumes.

** If your child is a sheep:

Bright colourful socks, plain long black leggings or pants, long sleeve black top, a plain white short sleeved t-shirt or vest to go over the black top. A colourful woolly hat (bobbles are OK)

** If your child is a narrator:

All plain black clothes – long plain black pants / leggings and plain black long sleeve top

Please send these in a plastic bag with your child’s name on the bag, by Thurs 1st February at the latest, so that we can check over them and practice in them before the competition.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at

Thank you!

Superstar of the Week – “D”!

This week we learned lots of new things about our classmate “D”. He showed us his three personal objects; his squishy toy “Bud”, his blanket bear, and his Lego character. We also got to watch him on the big screen showing us a Lego set he built, playing a complicated piano piece, and we watched his stock motion animated Lego movie. It took 75 photos stitched together to create his movie. What creativity and skill!

Well done, “D”




Homework – Crow and Little Bear: A Coast Salish Story

Hello Parents,

Tonight’s homework includes a worksheet based on a Coast Salish story that we listened to in class today. If you and your child would like to enjoy the story again together, or if they need to refresh their memory to complete the homework, here is a link to the web page where the story is available to listen to. (No text, just audio). Scroll down the page and click on the link for “Crow and Little Bear.”


Mrs. Brady

Speech Arts Festival 2018

Hi Parents,

Please continue to have your child memorize the words (and their tones) to One More Sheep every night. It is now being sent home and practiced in class every day. We are extremely tight for time this year, as the competition is on Feb 6th in school. Because of this I am not certain that we will be able to perform the book in the “choral drama” category, and may enter the “choral speech” category, where we say the text with no actions, props etc. I will update you on this soon.

Also, some of you have emailed asking if your child can sign up to participate in the individual category for the Speech Arts Festival. We have now received the bible readings and prose passages that the students can pick from. Please feel free to look through the pieces here Speech Arts 2018 Individual Readings and if your child is interested in taking part, please choose a piece and write a note in the planner requesting an entry form. I will then print off a form and a copy of their chosen piece to study at home.

Many thanks!

Mrs. Brady

Superstar of the Week – Yvronnica


Meet Yvronnica, our first Superstar of 2018! Yvronnica showed us a video of her on ice performing a solo figure skating routine. She is a very dedicated and talented skater. Her artefacts were a medal she won for skating, a skating scarf, and her monkey stuffy.

Well done, Yvronnica!


IMG_20180109_143951 IMG_0136


The top picture, I am proud of it because that was my frist time going to Disney on Ice. The bottom picture, I am proud of it because it was my first time  going fishing with my dad.

January Newsletter

Grade 3 January Newsletter

We hope your families enjoyed the Christmas break. Happy New Year!


What’s happening in January?


  • Landforms and bodies of water


  • Patterns and Algebra
  • Number Sense: Skip Counting and Multiplication

Language Arts:

  • Speech arts: Choric drama and Individual speech arts preparation
  • Summary review and practice: First Peoples’ stories

Social Studies:

  • History from First People’s stories
  • Stories and legends from First Peoples about land and water


  • Mass parts and Mass objects
  • I’m a Gift From God program


Dates to Remember:

January 12th– Pro-D Day (No School)

January 17th– Burnaby Art Gallery First Peoples Workshop at SFX

January 26th– Burnaby Village Museum Field Trip


Thank you,

Grade 3 Teachers