Speech Arts Festival 2018

Hi Parents,

Please continue to have your child memorize the words (and their tones) to One More Sheep every night. It is now being sent home and practiced in class every day. We are extremely tight for time this year, as the competition is on Feb 6th in school. Because of this I am not certain that we will be able to perform the book in the “choral drama” category, and may enter the “choral speech” category, where we say the text with no actions, props etc. I will update you on this soon.

Also, some of you have emailed asking if your child can sign up to participate in the individual category for the Speech Arts Festival. We have now received the bible readings and prose passages that the students can pick from. Please feel free to look through the pieces here Speech Arts 2018 Individual Readings and if your child is interested in taking part, please choose a piece and write a note in the planner requesting an entry form. I will then print off a form and a copy of their chosen piece to study at home.

Many thanks!

Mrs. Brady