Superstar of the Week – Alden


IMG_20180131_084047Say “Howdie” to our superstar Alden!

For his personal artefacts, Alden showed us his shark teeth and seahorse fossils, and his clay character that he made in art class.

Cowboy Alden’s talent video showed us his horse riding skills, and he taught us how to start, stop, and turn the horse carefully.

Here are Alden’s extra photos…

1) Alden helps out at his mom’s dental office once per month. He helps to develop x-rays, fills up the cotton swabs containers, medicine bottles and replenish the paper points. He also helps to run the water through the evacuation system to cleanse the equipment. He is a wonderful helper.
2) Alden helped to plant 50 fig trees, with his cousins, at the family farm in Langley in memory of his grandpa.


IMG_9509 Alden Dental work IMG_2196 Alden fig tree 2 IMG_2188 alden fig tree planting