Superstar of the Week – Annie


Let’s meet out latest Superstar – Annie!

Annie presented some interesting artifacts to us, including her oldest stuffy Bunny, her rosary beads from The Vatican, and her golden turtle shell musical wind instrument.

Annie is multi-talented too. We watched her perform two difficult piano pieces (while also dressed as a unicorn!) and she is also a talented artist. Check out three of her proudest pieces below.

Thanks Annie for being our Superstar this week!



unnamed annie 2 unnamed annie unnamed

Superstar of the Week – Isaac



Here’s our latest superstar…its Isaac! Isaac is a star basketball player and we watched his defence skills for his Talent Show and Tell. He also showed us his oldest stuffy, Mr. Monkey, a painting of a waterfall he did, and his favourite toy car.

Isaac’s favourite sport is basketball. Here’s a photo of him at a game.

Thanks for sharing, Isaac! IMG-20180212-WA0031

Superstar of the Week – Fiona


Say hello to Fiona, this week’s Superstar! Fiona let us see her hand made paper duck, her oldest stuffy, and her Japanese drawing book. Fiona is able to speak Japanese and showed us a video of her reciting a speech in the Japanese Speech Festival in 2016.

Thanks Fiona, for a great presentation!


  1. These are the cards that I made with my mother for my Chinese teachers as a sign of my appreciation for their hard work.  These are my teachers since I started at this Chinese School when I was 4 years old.
  2. I started to learn Japanese when I was 6 years old.   I performed my speech “The Reasons I Am Learning Japanese” at the annual Japanese speech festival.  The Japanese Consul General  of Vancouver gave all participants a cool pen, and congratulated us having the courage to speak in front of a large crowd of over 300 people.  I saw tears from my mother and Naho sensei after I finished my speech, they were very proud of me.  That was my happiest day.
  3. When I was in Grade 1, I recited a poem with actions in Mandarin that describes how the Moon interacts with our planet.  I was surprised that I won 2nd place in the competition as it was my first time competing.
  4. I was always top in my Chinese language classes, I got my first trophy when I was 5. I also received trophies for drawing and speech competitions.  My brother is always eying on my trophies, I told him you have to work hard to receive one.

cards_for_teachers japanese_speech mandarin_speech trophies