Superstar of the Week – Angel


This week Angel was our Superstar of the Week!


Angel did a wonderful presentation of her special artifacts; her cat night light, her Snoopy stamp and the first Easter egg that she ever painted.

We also got to watch a video of her shooting basketball hoops at an arcade game. She got almost every basket in for over a minute straight.




Here are photos of Angel demonstrating her ballet stretches. She is proud to share what she has been working hard to be able to do.

Well done Angel, we really enjoyed getting to know you a little better!


Superstar of the Week – Jadeon


This week we got to know our friend Jadeon a little better. Jadeon showed us his special artifacts, including his “Joke of the Day” calendar, and his prize pen which he won for answering some very tricky engineering questions.


We watched videos of some of Jadeon’s talents, including skiing over moguls, scoring a goal in Ringette, and the video game he created where you must dodge objects in space and steer a rocket to safety.

Here are some other photos that Jadeon is proud to share with you.

1a Popsickle Bridge Building Contest 1b Popsickle Bridge Building Contest - designing 2 Ringette Medals 3 Videogame Design 4 Scouts Apple Day - fundraising 5 Skiing

Thanks for being Superstar of the Week, Jadeon!


Superstar of the Week – Kaelyn


This week we got to know a lot more about our Superstar of the Week – Kaelyn!


Kaelyn told us all about her favourite artifacts; her stuffy Doggy, her rosary beads, and her medal for reading 100 books.

We also got to watch her perform as part of her musical theatre group, where she sang and danced in a performance of The Wizard of Oz, and had a solo singing part in the song “Wouldn’t it be Loverly”. She sang, danced and acted so well!

Here is what Kaelyn wanted to show you that she is proud of. Well done Kaelyn!

“I am very proud of representing the school the first time at the Speech Art Festival competing against other schools and will try my best to do it every year going forward as I love doing it. I also love drawing and painting, specially going to class at 4Cats studio and Arts Umbrella. This oil painting was done a few years ago and shows a beautiful golden haired mermaid sitting on top of the rock in the sea and right now is hanging in the playroom as a piece of art.”

IMG-3064 IMG-3998

Hot Lunch

Dear Parents,

We had a lovely field trip yesterday to Dr. Sun Yat Sen Garden, despite the rain! Unfortunately with the busyness of yesterday I forgot to send home the notices for hot lunch, which were due back by today. I will send them home tonight and the office will still accept them tomorrow if you want to order and have not yet. Apologies for the delay!

Mrs. Brady

Student of the Week – Cameron



Here’s Cameron, our latest Superstar.

Cameron taught us a lot about himself, including that he is an amazing Rubik’s cube solver. We got to watch him solve one in just a few minutes. He also showed us his personal artifacts, his stuffy who he has had since he was born, his Rubik’s cube, and a photo of his Lego Millennium Falcon model.

“This is a certificate that I got from my Taekwondo Yellow Belt Test.  I am now at the Yellow Belt with Green Stripe level.  I go to Taekwondo every Sunday morning.”


Thanks for being so entertaining Cameron! Well done.