Superstar of the Week – Pius


Here is our last Superstar of the Week of Grade 3… it’s Pius!

Pius shared some very cool personal artifacts with us this week: his photos of his family trip to Vietnam, (where he also watched a pig race competition!), a special Pokemon card that reminded him of his brother, and a birthday card from his brother too!


His brother also recorded Pius as he drew a detailed pencil sketch of a character from beginning to end. We watched the drawing movie for his talent show and tell.

Well done Pius! Thanks for sharing your talent and your artifacts.


Superstar of the Week – Christen

christen 2

Christen was our latest Superstar of the Week! She showed us some really interesting personal artifacts: her Disney lanyard full of badges, her trophy for Skater of the Year in her skate class, and her medal from Kumon.


Christen’s talent video was of her doing some beautiful ice skating. Here are some pictures of her talents too!

Christen Skate Competition 1

This is a picture of me holding up my gold place ribbon after a skating competition. I got this for doing some tricky elements.

Christen Skate Competition 2

This is one of the elements I had to do in the competition. I was a little scared of what position I would get, gold, silver or bronze.


Well done Christen, thanks for being such a great Superstar!