Student-Led Conference

Hello Parents of 3K,

I was unable to be at work today due to a family emergency. Mr.Powell subbed for me and there wasn’t any assigned homework from me today.

This is a friendly reminder of Student-Led conference. I will see you all on Friday!


student led

Friendly Reminders:

  • Student-led conference is your child’s chance to showcase what he/she has achieved over his/her grade 3 year.
  • It is to celebrate your child’s work and to share with you what activities and assignments we have done together.
  • The conference should be led by the student. Please allow your child be the leader.
  • Enjoy the day with your child, and praise your child of his/her achievements! 

[Date: Friday, March 10]

Tuesday, March 7th

Hello Parents!

Our schedule for tmrw will slightly be different because of Speech Arts.

Students should come in their Speech Arts clothing. Please see my previous posting about clothing if needed.

Students will have their lunch recess from 11:15 to 11:30am, then eat lunch from 11:30 to 12:00pm.

From 12 to 12:15pm, we will have the main cast get ready. The rest of the class will be asked to do a quiet activity.

We need to be down in the gym by 12:20pm and be seated for 12:30pm.


Mrs.Harris has kindly asked parents not to be in the Music Room during the performance (taking photos or videos). She has Music classes in the room and asks not to be interrupted. We would appreciate your cooperation of her request.

Thank you for your attention!


Speech Arts Costumes Revised


3K will be performing our final round of “Something Good” next Tuesday March 7th.

Primary Choric Drama will begin at 12:30pm. (This is an approximate time). Lunch break is from 11:45 to 12:30pm.

Please note that I made a minor change to some of our students’ costumes. Please read the revision below:

Boys/Girls of narrators: WHITE TOPS instead of black

(White tops with prints, logos are all accepted. If your child does not have a white top, bright colored tops are preferred.)

Jaden C. -> bright colored top and jeans with runners (or school uniform pants)

Michelle -> casual clothes of choice ( options: jeans, pants, bright colored top, runners)

Milo-> white collared top (school uniform top will do), school uniform pants or jeans, blazer, and tie

(hair with gel)

Cameron-> bright colored top (color of Cameron’s choice, jeans, runners, baseball cap, backpack)

Jonas, Kaylee, Feynman, Mia, Angela->  wear the same clothing as before

 As before, ALL girls MUST have their hair tied. 

If you have any questions, please write me a note in your child’s planner. Thank you !

Preparing For Lent

Hello Parents,

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. Lent is an important season for all of us as we remember Jesus’ passion for 40 days. As Catholics, we are encouraged to do the following:

a) Extended time in Prayer

b) Acts of Service/ Almsgiving

c) Fasting

Our children do not need to participate in the fasting, but we will be coming up with a classroom goal to walk with  Jesus during the Lenten season.

As part of an act of service, Mrs.Moffatt has asked the staff to relay a message to our students about making a donation of used books to a public school in need in Richmond. Blundell Elementary school is collecting a donation of used books so that families (children, parents) can have affordable access to books.  We talked about the importance of sharing today and the students seemed to be interested. Blundell Elementary will be having a book fair where students can come and fill up a bag of books for $2.

If you or your child has books to give up for donation, please send it in by next Monday, March 6th in a plastic bag.

Thank you and God bless! May we all prepare our hearts for Lent and wait for the glorious season of Easter!

Student-Led Conference

Hello Parents,

Today, your child received their time slot for Student-Led conference.

Please check and if you cannot make it to the designated time, write me a note in your child’s planner as soon as possible.

I will try to reschedule your child’s student-led in the morning slots from 8 to 8:30am on the day that works for you. After school time slots are not preferred because most days are indoor recess from 3:30 to 4pm.

Thank you and look forward to seeing you on student-led! 🙂


Sunday Grade 3 Mass: February 19

Hello parents!

This is a friendly reminder that our grade 3 classes (3W/3K) will be leading the readings for this Sunday Mass at SFX parish (11:15am English Mass).

The readers for 3K are as follows: (students received a copy of their readings today)

Madison, Incoln, Angela, Maia, Michelle, Cameron, Jonas and Logan

Candi will be one of the gift bearers.

Click here for an ecopy: reading MASS FEB 2017

Please help your child practice the readings as we only have this Friday (after the school Mass) to practice. There is Eucharistic Adoration going on for this entire week. The church cannot be used/shared for students to practice.

I will do my best to help the readers in class, but would also greatly appreciate your support at home.

Thank you and have a Happy Valentine’s! 🙂

Snow Day: Monday, Feb. 6th

Parents of 3K,

I was just informed that school will be cancelled tmrw due to the snowfall warning.

Our PTA rep will be contacting you as well. Please drive safe this week to work or wherever you may need to go.

I hope to see the students back on Tuesday, but will keep you posted about Tuesday as well.

Have a good evening everyone.

Date Correction* Feb.9 and Feb.10th Pro.D


My apologies again about the 9th.

I don’t know why I keep forgetting that Feb.9 and 10th are Pro-D due to our Catholic Educators’ Conference….  🙁

We will have to wait until Tuesday, Feb. 14th (Valentine’s Day) for our class party to celebrate. If I had announced this in class, I am sure my students would have corrected me!

Sigh* Sorry for the confusion again, and please make note of the change.