Preparing For Lent

Hello Parents,

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. Lent is an important season for all of us as we remember Jesus’ passion for 40 days. As Catholics, we are encouraged to do the following:

a) Extended time in Prayer

b) Acts of Service/ Almsgiving

c) Fasting

Our children do not need to participate in the fasting, but we will be coming up with a classroom goal to walk with  Jesus during the Lenten season.

As part of an act of service, Mrs.Moffatt has asked the staff to relay a message to our students about making a donation of used books to a public school in need in Richmond. Blundell Elementary school is collecting a donation of used books so that families (children, parents) can have affordable access to books.  We talked about the importance of sharing today and the students seemed to be interested. Blundell Elementary will be having a book fair where students can come and fill up a bag of books for $2.

If you or your child has books to give up for donation, please send it in by next Monday, March 6th in a plastic bag.

Thank you and God bless! May we all prepare our hearts for Lent and wait for the glorious season of Easter!

Student-Led Conference

Hello Parents,

Today, your child received their time slot for Student-Led conference.

Please check and if you cannot make it to the designated time, write me a note in your child’s planner as soon as possible.

I will try to reschedule your child’s student-led in the morning slots from 8 to 8:30am on the day that works for you. After school time slots are not preferred because most days are indoor recess from 3:30 to 4pm.

Thank you and look forward to seeing you on student-led! 🙂


Daily Homework

Friday, Feb. 24

1. Reading Log- Monday

2. Spelling homework and quiz- Tuesday Feb 20 Spelling teacher copy

3. Math +/- retest- Tuesday

4. PTA Hot Lunch form- Monday

5. Timeline Good copy- Monday (write, draw, color)

Students received an envelope with a tax receipt from the office today. Please check your child’s backpack.

Happy Friday everyone! 🙂

Daily Homework

Tuesday, Feb. 21

  1. Reading Log- Monday
  2. PTA Hot Lunch- Monday, Feb. 27
  3. Anti-bullying day- wear pink tmrw
  4. Spelling homework and quiz- next Tuesday Feb 20 Spelling teacher copy

If students complete their spelling homework before Tuesday, they are encouraged to hand it in earlier. Students were asked to take their Spelling #1 duotangs home today as they were getting worn out and tattered. They all started a new spelling duotang (also orange in color) and labeled as “Spelling #2”.



Daily Homework

Monday, Feb. 20

  1. Reading Log – Monday
  2. Math +/- Quiz- tmrw
  3. Spelling booklet and quiz- tmrw
  4. Sisters of St.Paul Book Fair- bring $ in envelope or wallet- tmrw

A huge thank you to parents, families, students who came out to our Sunday Mass! 🙂  God bless!

Daily Homework

Friday, February 17

  1. Reading Log- Monday
  2. PTA Hot Lunch- Monday Feb. 20th
  3. Spelling booklet and quiz- Tuesday
  4. Math: +/- quiz- Tuesday
  5. Grade 3 Sunday Mass: Readers, please arrive  by 10:50am. Students must come in their full regular uniform and black dress shoes (especially if they are readers).

See you on Sunday 3K! 🙂