Thursday Reminders

  1. Reading Log due Tuesday
  2. Math repeated addition + multiplication review due Monday
  3. Book order due Monday
  4. Wear either traditional clothing or full uniform tomorrow (tomorrow is not a dress down day with red or yellow).
  5. Registration notice sent home today
  6. Work on Religion Skittles “Project” at home over the weekend.  Please bring the duotang back to school on Monday
  7. Noon dismissal tomorrow

Archbishop Carney Speech Arts Festival

Everyone in 3W will be taking part in the following event held at SFX: Choric Drama –> March 7th at 1:30pm

Individual Speech Arts at St. Joseph’s School will be held on March 8th.

12:45pm – 1:25pm : Primary Bible Reading

1:30pm-2:10pm: Primary Poetry

2:15pm – 3:00 pm: Prose Recitation

Children are expected to arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled time.

Wednesday Reminders

  1. Reading Log due next Tuesday
  2. Spelling review + sign spelling quiz by Thursday.  We will not be having a spelling quiz next week.
  3. French performances tomorrow
  4. Olympic History reading comprehension due tomorrow
  5. Book Orders due next Monday
  6. Noon dismissal on Friday

Tuesday Reminders

I hope you enjoyed the sunshine and outdoors with your family this weekend.

As we begin the season of Lent tomorrow, we will be talking about ways we can get closer to God. We will talk about goals for prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. Perhaps you have a family goal that you want to work on together.  Lent is a great time to work together as a faith community which starts at home. Talk to your child about what your family thinks are great goals. We’d love to share some in class tomorrow.

Here are a few reminders for today:

  1. Reading Log due next Tuesday
  2. Spelling review + sign spelling quiz by Wednesday.  We will not be having a spelling quiz next week.
  3. Ash Wednesday Mass at 9am tomorrow.
  4. French performances on Feb. 15th
  5. Book Orders due next Monday
  6. Noon dismissal on Friday

Wednesday Reminders

  1. Reading Log (Tuesday)
  2. Jump Math 189-190 (Tuesday)
  3. P.E. worksheet (Tuesday)
  4. Spelling quiz (Tuesday)
  5. Spirit Day on Tuesday. Wear pink, white, purple, or red
  6. French Performance on the 13th and 15th
  7. Notices

Valentine’s Day is coming up and some students in the class expressed their interest in exchanging Valentine’s Day cards/treats on Feb.13th. Participation is optional.  However, if you are planning to hand out cards/treats, please make sure you include everybody and use the class list as a reference. Thank you and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ms. Wong

Gabriella Loren Payton
Inara Kaylie Kaitlyn
Michael C. Joshua Aiden
Austin Kirsten Chloe
Cyrus Raymond Janelle
Bethanie Matthew Keira
Hayley Anna Nicholas
Carissa Nathan Hayden
Michael Leilani  
Christopher William

Tuesday Reminders

Hello 3W Families,

Congratulations to our 3W students for their superb performance at the SFX Speech Arts Festival today.  The children worked very hard to prepare for both the group and individual presentations and I’m very proud of them.  Thank you for taking the time to come and see the students perform. As a celebration, I will be ordering pizza for the children for lunch tomorrow using the class fund. Children have already selected their choice of pizza!  I hope it’s not too late to cancel Calhoun orders!  🙂

We will also be collecting new socks tomorrow for charity.  Please kindly donate new socks tomorrow.

The following are the reminders for today:

  1. Reading Log due next Tuesday
  2. P.E. worksheet due February 13th.
  3. Complete Lesson 9 coding by Monday
  4. Spelling lesson due Wednesday
  5. French performance on Feb 13 + 15

Spelling words:

splash, spring, patch, strong, thrills, spray, scream, throw, string, struck, screen, itch, pitch, spread, strawberry, stream, split, scratch, ditch, thread


sprang, scramble, stranger, throne, hatch

No Superstar Bonus this week due to short week :).



Monday Reminders

  1. Reading Log due tomorrow
  2. Jump Math Pg.185-188 due tomorrow
  3. P.E. worksheet (due Feb.13th)
  4. Complete Lesson 8 coding journal + puzzles (Monday)
  5. No P.E. Come in full uniform and bring Speech Arts costumes ( We will be changing into our costumes at lunch time)
  6. Spelling lesson due on Wednesday ( Marked spelling quizzes will be handed out tmrw)

Friday Reminders

  1. Reading Log (Tuesday)
  2. Spelling quiz (Monday)
  3. PE Worksheet (Tuesday)
  4. Complete Lesson 8 coding journal and puzzles (Monday)
  5. Speech Arts: Please bring Speech Arts costumes/clothing to school on Monday so we can prepare for the presentation on Tuesday. Please take a look at the revised costumes here –>Speech Arts 2018 Props and costumes revised

The following is a song Mr. P would like the students to refer to when working on their PE homework:

Here’s a song to help me keep my body healthy.

I can brush my teeth, teeth, teeth.

Have  lots of time to sleep, sleep, sleep.

I get checkups for my eyes.

I get strong from exercise.

I eat fruits and vegetables.

Wash my hands to stop the germ.

To stretch my brain I think, think, think.

Water’s what I drink, drink, drink.

When I am a healthy me.

My body is so happy.

Wednesday Reminders

  1. Reading Log due on Tuesday
  2. Patrick’s Journal worksheets due tomorrow (We read the story  in class and went through the questions and answers together.  This homework activity should not take more than 10 minutes at home)
  3. Math worksheet due tomorrow  (Suggested time: 5 minutes)
  4. Complete lesson 8 coding journal and puzzles by Monday
  5. Science: water and land form worksheet due on Friday
  6. 3W Individual Speech Arts on Friday
  7. SFX Primary Speech Arts on Tuesday at 1pm (Individual events will be held in the morning)

Tuesday Reminders

  1. Reading Log due next Tuesday
  2. Spelling Lesson 16 + sign spelling by tomorrow
  3. Jump Math Pg.168-171(#5 only).  Students were given a lot of time in class to work on the pages.  Most of them only have to work on 170 and 171 for homework :).
  4. Complete Lesson 8 coding journal + puzzles by Monday
  5. 3W Individual Speech Arts this Friday
  6. Practice Friend Like Me lyrics for music

Spelling words:

school, wrote, phone, knew, sign, knots, wrong, knee, knife, wreck, wrap, knock, rough, laugh, elephant, cough, wren, writer, graph, track

Bonus words:

knit, wrinkle, tough, cricket, anchor

Superstar/Spelling Bee bonus words:

  1. mountain
  2. valley
  3. glacier
  4. island

Thursday Reminders

  1. Reading Log due Tuesday
  2. Jump Math Pg.162 due tomorrow
  3. Oliver’s Village due tomorrow
  4. Burnaby Village Museum field trip tomorrow.  Students have the option of dressing up as pioneers or coming to school in their PE uniform.  Students will dismissed at their regular dismissal time (3:30pm).
  5. Spelling quiz on Monday (Regular words: wheel, whale, everywhere, which, each, check, while, chewy, rich, chapter, chart, catch, whisper, who, whole, bench, whisk, whack, whether, pinch)

Bonus: whirl, whine, champion, witch, somewhat

Spelling Bee Bonus: erosion, weathering, deposition