Thursday-Friday Reminders

Congratulations to the Grade Three classes for having superb Speech Arts presentations yesterday.  Thank you to all the parents for coming and supporting us!

I would like to take this opportunity to also congratulate our Individual Speech Arts participants.  Hayley, Christopher, Loren and Kaylie all presented very well today.  It is not easy to present in a new environment and in front of unfamiliar faces.  We are so PROUD of them!

  1. Reading Log reports are optional during Spring Break.  However, children are encouraged to read for at least 20 minutes per day.
  2. Jellybean worksheets due tomorrow
  3. Please continue to work on the Skittles (Lenten) project over the break
  4. Your child will be coming home with his/her report card today to officially mark the completion of term one! During the break, I ask you to sit with your child and consider doing the following:
    • Read the report card comments with your child
    • Highlight what is to be praised and what needs to be worked on

               (in areas such as: academics, social skills, behavior)

    • Compliment your child on his/her achievements (or write a note saying what you are proud of )
    • Plan together how he/she can improve in areas that were recommended to show more effort

Have a lovely break everyone!

-Miss Wong

Tuesday Reminders

  1. Reading Log (reports optional)
  2. Reading comprehension: Bodies of Water due tomorrow
  3. Handwriting 32-33 due Thursday
  4. Pajama Day tomorrow.  Students may come to school in their pajamas.  They will be given time at lunch to change into their Speech Arts costumes.
  5. Speech Arts Choric Drama Presentations at 1:30 pm tomorrow


Tuesday Reminders

  1. Reading Log due next Tuesday
  2. Spelling Lesson 20 + sign spelling quiz by tomorrow
  3. Science physical map due tomorrow
  4. Pink Day tomorrow.  Wear pink to support anti-bullying :).  No donation needed.
  5. Pink Day reading activities due Thursday
  6. Gift from God (last 2 pages) due Thursday


Monday Reminders

  1. Reading Log due tomorrow
  2. Spelling lesson 20 + sign spelling quiz by Wednesday
  3. Science: physical map due Wednesday

Spelling words this week: early, third, workbook, first, worry, hurt, Saturday, better, farmer, honor, sugar, nurse, earth, paper, learn, world, purse, curly, worse, service

Bonus words: churn, earn, dessert, squirm, purple

Superstar bonus: canyon, plateau, pond, plain, desert, coast

Friday Reminders

Thank you for making the time to pick up your children for early dismissal today.

Here are the reminders for this weekend:

  1. Reading Log due Tuesday
  2. Skittles project (bring duotang back to school on Monday)
  3. Spelling quiz on Monday
  4. Words: year, care, large, start, before, order, party, fork, cheer, chair, garden, morning, compare, clear, appear, court, course, pour, prepare, fearless

Bonus: darkness,airport, harm, forward, report

Superstar bonus: igloo, wigwam, longhouse, teepee

Thursday Reminders

  1. Reading Log due Tuesday
  2. Spelling quiz on Monday
  3. Gift from God pg 6 -7 due tomorrow
  4. Science: High Tech High Touch Erosion workshop on Monday

Exciting News!

Erosion workshop: We recently got a spot for a High Tech High Touch workshop (we were previously on the waiting list).  We will be having a scientist come in next Monday (Feb. 26)  to teach our students about erosion and land forms!  There will also be some hands-on activities.

We will be using the extra field trip money collected in October + part of the classroom activity fund to pay for this workshop.  

Wednesday Reminders

  1. Reading Log due Tuesday
  2. Multiples of 4, multiplication table worksheet due tomorrow
  3. French: create your version of “Les trois petits cochons” due tomorrow
  4. Gift from God: go over safety code pages with parents due tomorrow
  5. Hot lunch tomorrow