Reminders for Wednesday

Read for 20 minutes

Language Power Pg.41 (Part A and B only) due Friday: most of the students have finished.

French worksheets pg 42 – 43 due tomorrow

Analog Clock activity package due tomorrow

Thank you

-Miss Wong


Reminders for Tuesday

This week’s W.O.W. (Word of the Week)

EMBRACE (verb) : to hug

Example: My grandma is going to embrace me for a long time.  Last time I visited, my grandpa fit in a whole nap while he was waiting for his turn!

Please kindly practice this word with your child this week.


Read for 20 minutes

Handwriting Pg. 6 -7 due tomorrow

French: worksheets pg. 42-43 due Thursday

Fire Safety House: field trip form due tomorrow

Thank you!

-Miss Wong




Monday Reminders

  1. Read for 20 minutes
  2. French worksheets pg.40-41 due tomorrow
  3. Walkathon Notice
  4. Fire Safety House Permission form due on Wednesday
  5. Spirit Day TOMORROW – Terry Fox Day.  Students may come to school in athletic wear for $2.00.  Green Club will also be collecting another $2.00 for popcorn and movie at lunch

Thank you!

-Miss Wong

Friday Reminders

Dear 3W Families,

It was a pleasure to meet with you last night. Our spelling program will begin on Sept. 25th and reading logs will be sent home on Oct.2nd!


Read for 20 minutes

French: worksheets Pg 40 – 41 due Tuesday

Spirit Day Tuesday – Terry Fox Day.  Students may come to school in athletic wear for $2.00.  Green Club will also be collecting another $2.00 for popcorn and movie at lunch.

Have a lovely weekend.  Play outside :).  Enjoy the sunshine!

-Miss Wong




Welcome to 3W!

Hello, 3W families.

Thank you so much for subscribing to the class blog!  I can’t believe it is the second week of school already.  It is such a pleasure to get to know your children.  Last week was a week of setting up the routine and learning about the expectations in Grade 3.  This week, students are expected to have normal expectations for in class work and homework.  Please refer to Pg.3 in the planner for work habit rules.

A friendly reminder that children are expected to come to school in full uniform (Girls: plaid kilt, oxford shirt, navy sweater and black shoesBoys: clean navy pants, white shirt, navy sweater and black shoes.  Children are expected to keep a pair of indoor running shoes in the coat closet.  Children will need to bring in a jacket also as the weather is getting cooler.)

Please download the September newsletter 2017 – September – newsletter gr3.

I will be explaining the curriculum and detailed homework expectations on Meet the Teacher Night this coming Thursday. 🙂

See you then!

-Miss Wong

To my wonderful 3W families from last year…

Hope you all had a FANTASTIC summer. It was really nice to see your children this week.   We were unable to find a way to unsubscribe you, so please kindly unsubscribe yourself! Thank you and hope to see you around :).

May Newsletter + Spelling


Spelling (Quiz on May 8th)

basket, rabbit, napkin, letter, invite, bedtime, mammal, number, fellow, chapter, follow, problem, chicken, butter, Sunday, picnic, marvelous, stunning, splendid, complete

Bonus: sort, different, alike, classify, classification

School photo reminder:

We will be taking our school photo on Friday.  Students will need to come to school in full uniform and wear their gym uniform underneath.Thank you 🙂

Spelling Quiz (May 1st)

Spelling: adding -s, -ed, and -ing

names, named, naming

hopes, hoped, hoping

dances, danced, dancing

drops, dropped, dropping

wraps, wrapped, wrapping

receives, receiving

running, driving, traded

Bonus: nutrients, sunlight, oxygen, sugar, survive


Field Trip Notice + Spelling List

Welcome back to school!  I hope you all had a wonderful break.  The children were excited to share their spring break stories with me on their first day back. 🙂

I am sending home the Burnaby Village Museum field trip form home today.  We would like to apologize for a typo on the field trip.  The field trip destination is Burnaby Village Museum not SFX. 😛

I will be introducing the new spelling list tomorrow.  However, if you would like an extra day to practice the spelling words with your child, here is the list of words:

List words:Soft “c” and “g”:

cell, gems, age, place, gyms, city, cents, price, space, nice, giant, changes, pages, gentle, message, centre (center), recycle, generosity, giraffe, celebrate

Bonus words: pioneer, settlement, history, village, museum

Thank you!

Newsletter and Spelling

It was nice seeing all of you today.  Thank you for taking the time to attend the Student Led Conference.  🙂

Have a good spring break!

Grade 3 March 2017 Newsletter

Spelling Quiz (March 27th)

found, town, shout, owl, couch, bow, scout, round, plow, crowd, proud, clouds, ground, louder, bounce, sprout, growl, prowl, snowplow, outline

Bonus: vacation, activities, travel, destination, challenge