Individual Speech Arts

Dear 3W Families,

The 3W students did an excellent job today at Mass. Those that were not reading were very supportive and our readers received a lot of compliments from other staff members.  I’m very proud of them. 🙂

Clarification on Individual Speech Arts

We will be doing our in class Speech Arts Festival on Thursday, Feb. 2nd.  I will be making hot chocolate and cookies for the students to make it an informal and  fun presentation experience for the them.  Students in 3W will be reciting their Bible readings, Prose passages or poems even if they are not planning to compete.

Miss Kim and I will then count how many students we have in total for each category, and choose 4 -5 students per category, per grade, not class.  This means that only 2-3 students will be selected from each class to compete in the SFX Individual Speech Arts which will be held on Wednesday, Feb. 8th.   Individuals Speech Arts are in the morning and the group (class) speech arts is in the afternoon, from 1pm.

To summarize:

Feb. 2 (Thursday) – Individual Speech Arts in 3W

Feb. 8 (Wednesday) – SFX Individual Speech Arts (AM), SFX Group Speech Arts (PM)

Guidelines to Individual Speech Arts

  1. Bible and Prose readings do not have to be memorized. Actions and props are NOT allowed.

2. Students doing the Bible Reading should prepare all 3 readings. The judge will select one and have the student read/recite.

3.Students doing the Prose select ONE and practice that prose only.

4. Students doing Poetry need to have the poem memorized. Actions and props are NOT allowed.  Poems are not allowed.

Students will be given time to practice in class.  I will also be helping them.  Please let me know if you have any other questions.

-Miss Wong