Spelling Quiz (May 29) and Singathon (Mary 30)

Spelling list:

untied, repay, disagree, preheat, unafraid, return, preschool, dislike, disappear, resell, precook, prepay, unbeaten, reprint, unwrap, reuse, unsolved, unhealthy, unlucky, recover

No Bonus spelling this week :).

Singathon (Update):

Please come in casual clothing for the performance. Students may wear bright t-shirts and jeans/shorts.

June 7th (VanDusen Field Trip)

Please note that the first PTA Hot Lunch day in June falls on the same day as our Van Dusen Field Trip.  We will be having our lunch at Van Dusen.

We’ve cancelled the order for the following children:

Stephanie, Emma H, Sammi, Liz (6.50), Amara and Leana

The children listed above will be returning the money to you tonight.