Fun Day

What a busy week in 3W!

I would like to congratulate all our student government candidates for their hard work in preparing for the elections. I hope they all had a wonderful experience. Students voted on Tuesday and the following are the results:

Mayor: Cedric Lai

Deputy mayors: Heracles Mai, Charlotte Chan

Councillors: Cameron Chan, Alex T., Amara, Emma L.

Tomorrow will be Fun Day.

Children are divided into 4 teams.  The team colours are blue, red, green and white.  The following are the teams:

Blue: Cameron, Chloe, Ryan, Sammi, Mikhaela, Elizabeth, Marcus

Red: Carter, Steph, Emma H, Annice,  Maddy, Alex T.

Green: Charlotte, Cedric, Liz, Vincy, Keenan, Wesley, Jay

White: Alex C., Rylan, Emma L, Heracles, Amara, Leana, Jake

Let’s pray for some sunshine :).