3W Student Council Announcements

We’ve successfully reached our goal #1 : Keep our classroom neat!

Therefore, we will be having Electronics Day tomorrow: Thursday, June 22nd

Students are invited to bring ONE item for “Electronics Day”. The electronics will only be used IN class at an assigned time under Miss Wong’s supervision.

Students must have their parents’ permission before bringing in their electronics. A written consent is not necessary, but please be mindful that this item may get damaged or lost. If students don’t have an electronic, the school will provide him or her with the school iPad (if available).



Currently, we are also working towards reach our second goal: Follow instructions and line up quickly.

We will be having a Grade 3 Party on June 28th for working towards that goal.

Miss Kim and I are planning a Grade 3 Picnic Party on Wednesday, June 28 from 1pm to 2:30pm. If weather permits, both classes will eat outside and play together out on the school playground. Please stay tuned for details as we may need parents’ help with food and utensils. Thank you!