Tuesday Reminders

  1. Reading Log due next Tuesday
  2. Spelling Lesson 16 + sign spelling by tomorrow
  3. Jump Math Pg.168-171(#5 only).  Students were given a lot of time in class to work on the pages.  Most of them only have to work on 170 and 171 for homework :).
  4. Complete Lesson 8 coding journal + puzzles by Monday
  5. 3W Individual Speech Arts this Friday
  6. Practice Friend Like Me lyrics for music

Spelling words:

school, wrote, phone, knew, sign, knots, wrong, knee, knife, wreck, wrap, knock, rough, laugh, elephant, cough, wren, writer, graph, track

Bonus words:

knit, wrinkle, tough, cricket, anchor

Superstar/Spelling Bee bonus words:

  1. mountain
  2. valley
  3. glacier
  4. island