Friday Reminders

  1. Reading Log (Tuesday)
  2. Spelling quiz (Monday)
  3. PE Worksheet (Tuesday)
  4. Complete Lesson 8 coding journal and puzzles (Monday)
  5. Speech Arts: Please bring Speech Arts costumes/clothing to school on Monday so we can prepare for the presentation on Tuesday. Please take a look at the revised costumes here –>Speech Arts 2018 Props and costumes revised

The following is a song Mr. P would like the students to refer to when working on their PE homework:

Here’s a song to help me keep my body healthy.

I can brush my teeth, teeth, teeth.

Have  lots of time to sleep, sleep, sleep.

I get checkups for my eyes.

I get strong from exercise.

I eat fruits and vegetables.

Wash my hands to stop the germ.

To stretch my brain I think, think, think.

Water’s what I drink, drink, drink.

When I am a healthy me.

My body is so happy.