Tuesday Reminders

Hello 3W Families,

Congratulations to our 3W students for their superb performance at the SFX Speech Arts Festival today.  The children worked very hard to prepare for both the group and individual presentations and I’m very proud of them.  Thank you for taking the time to come and see the students perform. As a celebration, I will be ordering pizza for the children for lunch tomorrow using the class fund. Children have already selected their choice of pizza!  I hope it’s not too late to cancel Calhoun orders!  🙂

We will also be collecting new socks tomorrow for charity.  Please kindly donate new socks tomorrow.

The following are the reminders for today:

  1. Reading Log due next Tuesday
  2. P.E. worksheet due February 13th.
  3. Complete Lesson 9 coding by Monday
  4. Spelling lesson due Wednesday
  5. French performance on Feb 13 + 15

Spelling words:

splash, spring, patch, strong, thrills, spray, scream, throw, string, struck, screen, itch, pitch, spread, strawberry, stream, split, scratch, ditch, thread


sprang, scramble, stranger, throne, hatch

No Superstar Bonus this week due to short week :).