Wednesday Reminders

  1. Reading Log (Tuesday)
  2. Jump Math 189-190 (Tuesday)
  3. P.E. worksheet (Tuesday)
  4. Spelling quiz (Tuesday)
  5. Spirit Day on Tuesday. Wear pink, white, purple, or red
  6. French Performance on the 13th and 15th
  7. Notices

Valentine’s Day is coming up and some students in the class expressed their interest in exchanging Valentine’s Day cards/treats on Feb.13th. Participation is optional.  However, if you are planning to hand out cards/treats, please make sure you include everybody and use the class list as a reference. Thank you and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ms. Wong

Gabriella Loren Payton
Inara Kaylie Kaitlyn
Michael C. Joshua Aiden
Austin Kirsten Chloe
Cyrus Raymond Janelle
Bethanie Matthew Keira
Hayley Anna Nicholas
Carissa Nathan Hayden
Michael Leilani  
Christopher William