Wednesday Reminders

  1. Reading Log due next Tuesday
  2. Charlotte’s Web Ch. 16 questions due tomorrow. (The second side is NOT FOR HOMEWORK)
  3. Jump Math Pg. 9 – 10 due tomorrow
  4. French worksheets Pg.147.1, 147.2, 206.1, 206.2, 206.3, 206.4 and prepositions and special places worksheet due on Thursday
  5. Singathon performance next Saturday (May 25th).  Please meet in 3W  at 4:45 pm.  Our performance is at 5:20 pm.  Students will need to come in their genie costume (blue shirt, black pants).  Thank you!
  6. Spelling quiz next Tuesday

Spelling words: rename, remind, sharing, hoping, rewrite, making, lately, dancing, reload, serving, replace, lovely, racing, closely, rebuild, recopy, regroup, rethink, politely, nicely

Bonus words: reappear, servicing, redesign, losing, reorder

Superstar bonus words: From Charlotte’s Web: radiant, versatile       From Science: marine, terrestrial