Thursday Reminders

  1. Read for 20 minutes
  2. Alliteration worksheets due Monday (3 sides in total.  Most of the students have completed the first two sides in class and only has the last page to complete for HW)
  3. Food chain activities due Monday
  4. Ecosystems Quiz on Thursday
  5. Fun Day tomorrow.  Noon dismissal
  6. French worksheets Pg.60-62 due on Tuesday

Ecosystems Quiz Guideline:

Students will need to …

  1. Know the difference between abiotic and biotic things in the ecosystem
  2.  Identify the difference between an aquatic ecosystem from a terrestrial ecosystem
  3.  Understand and identify omnivores from carnivores and herbivores
  4. Identify consumers, producers and decomposers in a food chain and explain their roles and importance in the ecosystems
  5. Arrange organisms in a food chain
  6. Share at least one responsibility we have for the environment
  7. Explain how our actions affect the environment