Monday Reminders

  1. Read for 20 minutes
  2. Jump Math Pg.169-171 due tomorrow
  3. Metaphor Package (Pg.2) due tomorrow
  4. Ecosystems quiz on Thursday
  5. Confession tomorrow morning.  Catholic students please prepare for it tonight.
  6. French worksheets Pg.60-62 due tomorrow
  7. Edu-pack notice sent home

Today we tried a Mystery Science lesson.

Students learned that by asking the two food chain questions:  “What does it eat?” and “What is it eaten by?,” they can find surprising animals living near them. Hopefully your child will come home curious to flip over a log and look for creatures living nearby!  You can support your child’s curiosity by increasing the odds of them finding some new and interesting creature. If possible, take them to the closest nature preserve, especially anywhere with fallen logs this weekend and let them explore!  Some suggestions are: Stanley Park, Deer Lake Park, Capilano Suspension Bridge, Lynn Canyon, a park in the neighbourhood or even your own backyard.

I promised students I will send the link of the lesson home so here you go!

The link will expire 10 days from now.  Have fun!