Spelling Quiz: Feb. 20

Science thematic words: Landforms and Bodies of Water Consonant Digraphs (CH) Consonant Digraphs (WH)
ocean mountain rich everywhere
sea island bench whisper
glacier valley pinch whale
lake bay each while
river hill chapter whether

Bonus words:

  1. plateau
  2. peninsula
  3. plains
  4. Antarctica
  5. Arctic

Congratulations to 3W

Hello 3W Families,

I hope you all had a restful weekend and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine on Family Day.

Congratulations to our 3W students for their performance at the SFX Speech Arts Festival last Wednesday.  The children worked very hard to prepare for the presentation and  I’m very proud of them.  Thank you for taking the time to come and see the students perform.

A friendly reminder that tomorrow is Valentine’s Spirit Day.  Children may wear pink, red or white to show Valentine’s Day spirit.  We will also be having a small party in the afternoon.

Happy Valentine’s Day :).




Moira’s Birthday – Costumes and Props

Please download the costumes and props list here –> Speech Arts 2017 Props and costumes

Students will need to bring their costumes to school on Feb.6th so we can practice before our actual presentation on Feb.8th.

Students in 3W are excited.  They have been bringing in pizza and cake boxes for our “food tower”.  Please continue to bring in any birthday cake and pizza boxes if you happen to have them at  home.  Thank you!

Help is needed!

We are currently looking for 1 artistic parent to come in next week to help make some of the props.

We are also looking for the following props:

  1. Colourful (“non-Christmasy”) wrapping paper for our presents
  2. Shoe boxes / small boxes
  3. Two chef hats
  4. A large birthday banner
  5. 28 cone shaped party hats
  6. 3 Phones (the bigger the better!)
  7. Aprons
  8. Toy pizzas
  9. Toy birthday cakes
  10. A fake mustache

If you have the above items/if you would like to drop by next week to help with our props, please write a note in your child’s planner/e-mail me by Friday.

Thank you so much for your continuous support.

UPDATE: Yvonne (Rylan’s mom) e-mailed me and had an awesome suggestion for presents.  Could we get each family to wrap 1-2 empty boxes and bring them to school? Thanks :).

-Miss Wong

Spelling (Jan. 23rd)

Spelling List: January 23, 2017

Oo ue/u_e oe ew
1.loop 8.clue 15.shoe 17.stew
2.shook 9.true 16.horseshoe 18.pew
3.spoon 10.rude   19.view
4.look 11.blue   20.nephew
5.gloom 12.mules

(baby horse or donkey)

6.goose 13.cubes    

(sounds owls make)


Bonus Words

Starting this week, students will  have an option to study for bonus words.  This is entirely optional and is meant for students who would like the challenge.

This week’s bonus words are from our Monday’s W.O.W. (Word of the Week) list:

glamorous, beautiful, luminous, bright


Individual Speech Arts

Dear 3W Families,

The 3W students did an excellent job today at Mass. Those that were not reading were very supportive and our readers received a lot of compliments from other staff members.  I’m very proud of them. 🙂

Clarification on Individual Speech Arts

We will be doing our in class Speech Arts Festival on Thursday, Feb. 2nd.  I will be making hot chocolate and cookies for the students to make it an informal and  fun presentation experience for the them.  Students in 3W will be reciting their Bible readings, Prose passages or poems even if they are not planning to compete.

Miss Kim and I will then count how many students we have in total for each category, and choose 4 -5 students per category, per grade, not class.  This means that only 2-3 students will be selected from each class to compete in the SFX Individual Speech Arts which will be held on Wednesday, Feb. 8th.   Individuals Speech Arts are in the morning and the group (class) speech arts is in the afternoon, from 1pm.

To summarize:

Feb. 2 (Thursday) – Individual Speech Arts in 3W

Feb. 8 (Wednesday) – SFX Individual Speech Arts (AM), SFX Group Speech Arts (PM)

Guidelines to Individual Speech Arts

  1. Bible and Prose readings do not have to be memorized. Actions and props are NOT allowed.

2. Students doing the Bible Reading should prepare all 3 readings. The judge will select one and have the student read/recite.

3.Students doing the Prose select ONE and practice that prose only.

4. Students doing Poetry need to have the poem memorized. Actions and props are NOT allowed.  Poems are not allowed.

Students will be given time to practice in class.  I will also be helping them.  Please let me know if you have any other questions.

-Miss Wong


Mass tomorrow

Dear 3W Families,

3W will be leading Mass tomorrow (9am Mass).

In order for us to get ready, I would like to ask all the 3W students to meet me at the gym at 8:40am (5 minutes earlier than the usual time).

Students that are greeting, reading and offering will need to be in full regular uniform and in black dress shoes. (They will have time to change into their P.E. uniform at recess.)  If you cannot drive your child to school by 8:40am, then please walk your child to church or ask another teacher to take him/her with them.

Thank you for your support!

-Miss Wong