Tuesday Homework

Hello Parents!

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Black and White Day Tmrw

Krol’s Frips Sale- $3.25 for Freezie and Chips

Math Quest signed



Monday Homework

Spelling- Lesson 33 Post Test (Thurs)

Science- Wanted Poster (Tue)

Socials Debate Tmrw

Mandarin- complete reflection card

** Special Reminders

Krol’s Frips Sale- Chips and Freezies

Black and White Day this Wednesday

Thursday Homework

L.A. Reading 5 Powers activity (Mon)

Give your Dad your Father’s Day card!

**Special Reminders**

No school tmrw

June 27th- Grade 4 Picnic at Dude Chilling Park. Notice to be given out next week


Happy Father’s Day! Have a great family weekend 🙂

June Newsletter

So long, farewell! It’s hard to say “Good Bye”

Grade 4 June Newsletter

Dear Parents,

We hope that this newsletter finds you well and ready for the summer. It’s hard to believe that the end of the school year is approaching so quickly. It just seems like yesterday that we were going over routines, expectations and meeting the parents at the “Meet the Teacher” night and here we are. The Grade 4 students have been a wonderful group of children to work with. They have been creative, helpful, compassionate, reverent and engaged in Mass. They have also been involved in school activities and have been eager to learn new things as well as share their knowledge with their classmates and teachers. We would like to extend a special “Thank you” to all of the parents who have volunteered countless hours in our classrooms, on field trips and in the school. Your help has been greatly appreciated.

As summer approaches many parents begin to wonder about summer programs, camps or lessons. Here are a few suggestions to keep your child engaged, active, make new friends and take on leadership roles.

  1. Visit the public library as often as possible. Take out informational texts (non-fiction) as well as fiction books. Keep a record of how many books your child reads over the summer. Set a realistic goal of say 10 books. If this goal is achieved then perhaps you can celebrate by going for ice-cream.
  2. Be a tourist in your own city. Visit Science World, The Burnaby Art Gallery, The Vancouver Museum, Stanley Park, The Museum of Anthropology, The Police Museum, Chinatown, The Japanese Gardens, The H.R. MacMillan Space Centre, The Capilano Suspension Bridge, The Granville Island Market, Maplewood Farm, The greater Vancouver Zoo or The Fort Langley National Historic Site.
  3. Visit Vancouver Island or Haida Gwaii
  4. Visit Barkerville
  5. Visit Vancouver Kids Books
  6. The Vancouver School Board has numerous programs available for children. For more information please check www.vsb.bc.ca/summerprogram
  7. Be active : Go hiking, biking, swimming, running or learn a new sport


A note from the classroom:

This is a reminder that all library books and textbooks should be returned to the school. Library books should be returned as soon as possible to the library and textbooks should be returned to the classrooms by the last week in June.

This month we will be completing our study of the early Canadian explorers in colonial Canada, the impact of the Fur Trade on the Aboriginal Peoples, States of Matter, the position of the sun and the moon, Handwriting, Chance and Probability and looking at poetry.

Important dates:

  • June 9…Fun Day (12:00 P.M. dismissal)
  • June 16… Teacher Planning Day (no school)
  • June 23…Grade 7 Farewell Mass & Celebration (12:00 P.M. dismissal)
  • June 29…Last Day of School (Report Cards sent home-11:00 a.m. dismissal)

Have a wonderful and safe summer,


Ms. Sophie Chong and Ms. Sarah LeRose