Thursday Homework

Come dressed to school in your winter outfit for the Christmas Play tomorrow.

Mandarin- watch video

Journal Topic- Write 2-4 pages in your journal double space (Fri)

Socials Rip Art Project (Fri)

James and the Giant Peach Field Trip

Today the Grade 4C class enjoyed an adapted performance of the much loved novel by Roald Dahl; James and the Giant Peach at the Carousel Theatre.  The students enjoyed the show and here are some comments from the students:


“It was entertaining! ” -Jesse

“The peach was so big that it almost squashed me!” – Jasper

“They had amazing costumes!”- Jacy

“It was great!  I liked all the characters. ” -Sara


The set: Jame’s bed in the orphanage


Student’s artwork

We were not allowed to take any photos of the actual show but the above photos are a glimpse of what we experienced.  It was a great morning; being able to see our Novel Study come to life.


Thank you to all the parents for their ongoing support.

Happy Holidays!!!


Wednesday Homework

Christmas Card for you buddy (Handmade) – (Thurs)

Treats for the Christmas Party  (Thurs)

*** Special Reminders

Come dressed in your winter festive outfit for the School Performance on Friday (no uniform that day)

Tuesday Homework

Novel Study- Read Ch. 33-39 and complete character sketch (Wed)

Mandarin-L3 Text 3 worksheet (Wed)


*****Special Reminders

Field Trip Tomorrow morning

Musical Presentation by the whole school on Friday.  Students need to be dressed in “Winter theme” wear: Toques, mittens, sweaters, red, green, white etc…

Thursday- Christmas class party in the afternoon- bring treats you signed up for and the card you made for your buddy


Monday Homework

Mandarin- Read text 3; parents sign (Tues)

Novel Study- Read Ch. 33-39 and Character Sketch Role (Wed)  FIELD TRIP WED at Carousel Theatre!  Form and cheque for $13.40


Home Reading

Multiplication Drills


Friday Homework

Knights of Columbus Poster due (Mon)

Mandarin- memorize Text I and complete word list

Religion- read pgs 53-55 and complete ex. 55-57 (Mon)

Bring AIR story back to school if brought home

Home Reading

Multiplication Drill


*** James and the Giant peach form and cheque for $13.40

Author in Residence

After weeks of hard work and perseverance, the Grade 4 students presented their Wish Stories to their classmates and parents.  A big thank you to Glen Huser for sharing his talents and to all the parents for their continued support.



Hot chocolate and cookies! Hot chocolate to be enjoyed tomorrow 🙂


Glen Huser


Glen Huser reading his published novel: Jeremy’s Christmas Wish. Each child received a copy signed by Mr. Huser.

It was a memorable experience for all the Grade 4 students and the results showed their hard work and creativity!

Thursday Homework

James and the Giant Peach Field Trip Form and $13.40

Religion – Read pg. 53-55 ex. 55-57 (Mon)

Mandarin- Practice reading text 1 in Lesson 3 (Fri)

Spelling Post Test 16 pg. 66-68 (Fri)

Novel Study -Ch. 25-32  Discussion Director Role  (Fri)

Wednesday Homework

Spirit Day Tmrw (Casual Day) – $3.00 min for Covenant House

Author in Residence Presentation- 4C starts at 2:15- 3:30 pm.  Parents can arrive at 2:00 pm for hot chocolate, marshmellows and cookies.

Author in Residence- Finish story! Pictures, title page, and About the Author photo (Thurs)


** Special Reminders:


Author in Residence $3.00

JATGP Permission form and $13.40


Thank you 🙂

Tuesday Homework

AIR- bring a photo of yourself for “About the Author” write up

Math- Quest signed and corrections attached to the back, MMS worksheet on rounding (Wed)

French- Family sentences (Mon)


**** Special Reminders:

Spirit Day on Thursday, Dec 11- bring $3.00 min for Covenant House

Mixed Nuts Permission Form and $7.00 to the office

James and the Giant Peach- form and $13.40 to Miss Chong

Author in Residence- $3.00 for cookies, hot chocolate, marshmellows (Yum 🙂 )