Tuesday Homework

Wear Pink tmrw for Anti-Bullying Day

French-store pictures in your USB stick (Mon) Test (Tues)

Mandarin- study for test

Math- corrections for Math Quest on lined paper, Quest signed by parent (Wed)

Science- Form and $7.00 for Rainforest workshop

*** Class Photos: Thursday

Monday Homework

Spelling- Post Test 23 and exercises (Fri)

Science- Workshop form and $7.00

Mandarin- Review meanings

***Special Reminders

Wear Pink Feb. 25th for Anti- Bullying Day

Class Photos Feb. 26th- Wear full uniform

Thursday Homework

Bring tissue box

Science- animal research paragraph rough draft and research booklet (Mon) -have it at school tmrw to work on

Mandarin- review two pages of Lucky messages

Socials- vocab pg. 85-89 (Fri)

Spelling- Post test 22 (Fri)


**Special Reminders

Anti Bullying Day-Feb 25th : Wear Pink

Class photos – Feb 26th

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!



Monday Homework

Math- Numeracy G and H booklets and corrections from MMS handout and JM pg. 226 notebook on lined paper (Tues)

Science- pick top 3 animals you would like to research

French- Cahier- pg. 14, 15 (Tue)

Spelling- Lesson 22 Post Test (Fri)

**Special Reminders: Chinese New Year Form and $7.00

Come dressed in PE uniform and bring costume to change into after