Friday Homework

Math- Fractions Quest on Monday : Study JM 4.2: equivalent fractions, sharing fractions, mixed, improper, ordering and comparing, adding and subracting

L.A. Reading: Reading powers sheet (Mon)

Science OWL questions: check out the cool website! (Mon)

Mandarin: Practice 10 sentences to retell story

Field Trip Form: $16.00 Due Monday

Wednesday Homework

Scholastic Due Friday

Religion Quest Signed (Thurs)

Socials- Reading Comprehension on Christopher Columbus (Thur)

Math- JM pg. 251-252 (Thurs)

Mandarin- Worksheet: Practice Reading questions (Thurs)

**Special Reminders:

No P.E. Tmrw


Friday Homework

Socials- Timeline Project Due.  Use p. 114 in text to guide you with your scale.  (Monday)

Multiplication Drills and Home Reading

Mandarin- revise the test and get the sheet signed (Mon)


Have a great weekend! 🙂

Tuesday Homework

Math- JM 4.2- pg. 243-245 (Wed)

Multiplication Drills

Science Light and Sound Workshop form and $14.00 (Wed)

Socials- Into the Interior booklet (Thurs)

Art- chopsticks (and coloured yarn if you have some at home) – (Fri)


Thursday Homework

Religion- Stations of the Cross activity (Tue)

Art- Bring wooden chopsticks and coloured yarn if have some at home (Thurs)

Math – MMS- Improper and mixed fraction handout (Tues)



Have a wonderful Easter weekend with your family and loved ones.  A huge thank you to everyone for the wonderful birthday surprise that the 4C class organized for me. I am truly touched. It was an unforgettable and beautiful day!!!

Miss Chong <3