Juicy-O Snaps!

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Just a glimpse of the amazing commercials and products the students invented for their Juicy – O Project.The grade 4s should be proud of all their hard and innovative work.  The costumes, script, and props showcased how creative they are! Awesome work everyone!

Buddy Picnic

To end the year with our amazing Grade 1 Buddies, we had a lovely picnic.  Thank you to all the parents for bringing snacks and drinks for us to enjoy! We will miss you Grade 1s!

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Poetry Cafe

Grade 4 completed their Poetry Unit with a Poetry Cafe Reading! We have some true poets in the making.  Oscar Wilde, watch out!


Enjoying our hot chocolate and marshmellows. No clapping just snapping!

Enjoying our hot chocolate and marshmallows. No clapping just snapping!

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Friday Homework

Buddy Picnic Monday- Bring snack (NOT TOO MUCH! Just enough for 28 students). Thank you!

Next Friday- 11:00 am Dismissal in Classrooms.  Students do not need to bring backpacks to school.