Tuesday Homework

French- self assessment (Thurs)

Memorize Songs for Christmas Concert (Fri)

Math- pg. 4.2- pg. 186, 187 (Wed)

Mandarin- colour and read the worksheet

SPIRIT DAY tmrw!- wear Christmas colours (Fun- Raiser)

4C Class Party- bring snack signed up for

Science Rain forest Safari Workshop- Form and $9.00

** Special Reminders

Noon Dismissal Dec 18th

Christmas Concert at 11:00 am

Monday Homework

Spelling – Post Test Lesson 14 (Thurs)

Math 4.2 – pg. 183, 184, 185 (Tues)

4C Christmas Party on Thursday

Science Rain forest Workshop- Form and $9.00 Due Dec 17th

**Special Reminders

School Christmas Concert: Friday, December 18th starting at 11:00 am.  Noon Dismissal

Wednesday Homework

Religion- pg. 27,28 (Thurs)

L.A.- Language Power pg. 12 (Thurs)

Math- pg. 180,181,182 (Thurs)

Mandarin- Worksheet page 2 (Thurs)

** Special Reminders

JATGP Field Trip on Friday- Full Uniform

Rainforest Science Workshop- Form and $9.00 Due Dec. 17th – Thank you!