Thursday Homework

Spelling Post Test Lesson 20 (Fri)

Mandarin-practice question and response pg. 2 (Fri)

Socials- Bring all materials for Project Finish up (Fri)

** Special Reminders:

Beauty and the Beast- March 3rd

Student Led – March 4th


Monday Homework

Spelling- Lesson 20 Post Test (Fri)


Home Reading

** Special Reminders:

FSA Testing all week

Anti-Bullying Day- Wear Pink – Feb 24

Inuit Project Due- March 2

Beauty and the Beast – March 3

Student Led Conference- March 4



Friday Homework

Math 4.2 – pgs 204-206 (Mon)


Home Reading

** Special Reminders

FSA testing continues next week.

Beauty and the Beast : March 3rd- Form and $16.00

Student Led Conferences: March 4th: Please return the form to the office


Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

Thursday Homework

Spelling Post Test 19 (Fri)

Mandarin- worksheet and Family Tree


**Please be present at school tmrw- last day for FSA testing online

Beauty and the Beast form and $16.00

Student Led Conference Form