Friday Homework

Fractions Quest on Monday – study booklet available

French- cahier pg. 5 (Tue)

Mandarin- 2 pictures from Spring Break

** Special Reminders

Science workshop form and $18.50 – first workshop next Thursday

Report Card and envelope

Newspaper for our food compost bin and a box of Kleenex


Have a great weekend! 🙂

Thursday Homework

Home Reading- (Fri)

Math 4.2- 253, 254, 255, 256, NB (Fri)

Fractions Quest (Mon)

Mandarin- answer three questions on the worksheet (Fri)

Language Power – pg. 31, 32, 33, 34 (Fri)


Wednesday Homework

Spelling- Lesson 23 (Thurs)

Novel Study- Ch. 1-3 and Preview coloured and finelined; visualization part only (Thurs)

Math 4.2- pg. 252 NB (Thurs)

Mandarin – review pg. 2


**Special Reminders

Science form and $18.50

Report card cover and envelope

EduPac Orders

Tuesday Homework

French- cahier pg. 3, 4 (A only), 6

Math 4.2- pg 249, 250, 251 NB (Wed)

Novel Study- Read Ch. 1-3 and finish Preview handout: colour and fineline (Thurs)

Mandarin – review key words on pg. 1


** Science workshop form and $18.50

** Report Card cover and envelope

Monday Homework

Welcome back to school!  Hope everyone had a restful Spring Break.

Spelling- Lesson 23 Post Test (Thurs)

Home Reading (Thurs)

Math 4.2 – pg 248 (Tue)


** Special Reminders

Science Workshop Light and Sound Form and $18.50

Please return Parent Observation sheet and report card covers and envelopes. Thank you!

Friday Homework

Have a wonderful and safe Spring Break! Thank you to all the parents for your unconditional support.


***** Some important information that was missing from the Light and Sound form that went home yesterday:

The cost of both workshops in April is $18.50.  Cash or cheque is accepted. Please hand in the form and payment after the break.  Thank you for your understanding and we apologize for the inconvenience.


Congratulations to all Grade 4 students for a successful Term 2!

Thursday Homework

Home Reading

Practice Multiplication Drills

Light and Sound Workshop Forms – Please return after Spring Break

Bring home report cards- return cover and envelopes pls!

Student Led Conferences Tmrw 🙂

Tuesday Homework

Math 4.2- pg. 245, 246, 247 NB (Wed)

Mandarin- Finish project – tmrw is counting day

Science- Biomes due at the end of the day

Spelling (Thurs)

Casual for Covenant House Tmrw- $3.00