Tuesday Homework

Math 4.2- pg. 300 NB (Wed)

Math Quest signed with corrections on lined paper

Mandarin- complete worksheet

No School Friday.  Singathon Performance at 3:15 pm. Please arrive 15 minutes early.

Tuesday Homework

French- project presentation (Fri)

Math 4.2- pg 294 (Wed)

Socials- 5 Fact Explorer Research (Wed)

Mandarin- pinyin worksheet and english meaning on the back- oral presentation (Wed)

Animal Spirit Day Tmrw!


Friday Homework

Socials Timeline- good copy due Monday: Fineline, colour, and appropriate scale

Math 4.2- pg. 289 NB (Mon)


** Special Reminders

Animal Spirit Day on May 17th


Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂

Wednesday Homework

Spelling- Lesson 29 Post Test (Thurs)

Practice Song

Mandarin – complete envelope draft

4C Mass on Friday- Full uniform

**Special Reminders

Track Meet Tmrw at Swangard

May 17th Animal Print Spirit Day