Tuesday Homework

Canada Day Celebration tmrw! Wear red and white!


Thank you to the students and parents for the generous and thoughtful gift.  What a wonderful memento.

It was a lovely day at Dude Chilling Park. Thank you to the parents that volunteered their time today!


** Special Reminders

11 am indoor dismissal on Thursday

Monday Homework

Recycling Bag

Class Picnic tmrw! Come in your P.E. uniform and bring a toy and snack for the class to share!

It will be a hot day so come prepared with sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses.



Tuesday Homework

Hello Parents!

My apologies to all the subscribers; WordPress hasn’t been alerting my subscribers the updates on the blog, but please continue to check daily as I am posting!  We are trying to resolve this issue as soon as possible.


Thank you for your understanding 🙂


Black and White Day Tmrw

Krol’s Frips Sale- $3.25 for Freezie and Chips

Math Quest signed



Monday Homework

Spelling- Lesson 33 Post Test (Thurs)

Science- Wanted Poster (Tue)

Socials Debate Tmrw

Mandarin- complete reflection card

** Special Reminders

Krol’s Frips Sale- Chips and Freezies

Black and White Day this Wednesday

Thursday Homework

L.A. Reading 5 Powers activity (Mon)

Give your Dad your Father’s Day card!

**Special Reminders**

No school tmrw

June 27th- Grade 4 Picnic at Dude Chilling Park. Notice to be given out next week


Happy Father’s Day! Have a great family weekend 🙂