Friday Homework

Comfort Earthquake Kit- due ASAP!

Parent signature on the Math Quest and corrections completed on lined paper

Mandarin- parent signature on test sheet

* Special Reminders

Walkathon Oct 6th: Noon dismissal

Pledges are due on Monday, Oct.2

Science Sound Workshop

The Grade Four are learning about Energy this term.  One form of energy is Sound!  The students participated in hands on activities and made their own wind flute. It was an enjoyable and educational morning!

Pitch and Frequency

Sound Waves

Exploring vibrations

Discovering different sound instruments


Tuesday Homework

Mandarin- sign the notice and check Mandarin website

Home Reading (Thurs)

Sound and Light Form

$60.00 Cheque for Field Trips

Scholastic Order (Fri)

**Special Reminders

Individual Photo Day tomorrow- full uniform please

Walkathon Pledges due on Oct 2

Book Fair starts tmrw! Indoor dismissals


Monday Homework

Math Patterns Quest Tmrw

Spelling- Lesson 3 Post Test (Fri)

French- Cahier pg. 6, 7 and worksheet pg. 18, 19 (Wed)

$60.00 cheque for Term one Field trips and workshops

Scholastic Orders due Friday

Science Sound workshop form due Thursday

**Special Reminders

Photo Day on Wednesday

Book Fair Wednesday,Thursday, Friday – Indoor Dismissal


Friday Homework

Math Pattern Quest on Tuesday – Study Sheet due Monday

Mandarin- study for test on Monday

Coding- USB, earphones, sign letter (Mon)

** Special Reminders

Sound and Light form (Mon)

Field Trip Cheque- $60.00

Walkathon- Oct 6th Noon Dismissal

Thursday Homework

Spelling- Lesson 1 Post Test (Fri)

Science- Title Page (Fri)

Math 4.1 pg. 20, 21 NB (Fri)

** Special Reminders

Book Fair 27-29 : Indoor dismissal

Comfort Kits due Sept 29- see notice

School workshop and field trip cheque for Grade 4 due Oct. 2- see notice

Walkathon Pledges due Oct 4

Monday Homework

Spelling- Lesson 1 Post Test (Fri)

French- worksheets pg 32, 35 (Wed)

Mandarin- practice writing Chinese words

Coding- USB, sign newsletter, and earphones (Mon)

**Special Reminders

Terry Fox Spirit Day Tmrw- bring $2.00 for dress down and $4.00 for movie and popcorn

Oct. 6th Walkathon:  Noon Dismissal- Pledges due Oct. 2