Monday Homework

French- Listen to the descriptions and cahier pg. 12-16 (not 15) – (Wed)

Spelling- Lesson 26 Post Test (Thurs)

Mandarin- spring break pg. 1-2 only pinyin and meaning

**Special Reminders

Photo day for Aladdin costumes Tomorrow

Friday Homework

Home Reading and Drills

**Special Reminders

Costumes for Aladdin are due Monday FINAL.  Shoes must match the neutral tones of the costume.  Personal scarves and accessories may be added.  Tuesday, April 24th, 2018 is photo day for all classes and cast members.

Wednesday Homework

French- complete the grid, cahier pg. 10, and bring a picture (Mon)

Haiku- good copy  (Thurs)

Mandarin- Review pg. 2

**Special Reminders

Field Trip to the Maritime museum tomorrow!  Please come dressed in your P.E. uniform, runners, and sweat outfit if it is cold.  If it is raining, please wear a suitable rainproof jacket as there will be an outdoor waiting period at the beginning of the field trip.

Bus leaves at 12:00 pm and approximate arrival back at school is 2:30 pm.

Tuesday Homework

Math 4.2 – pg. 246, 247, 248 (Wed)

Novel Study- Ch 15-25 (Fri)

***Special Reminder

$2.00 for Casual for Covenant House Tmrw

Please wear P.E. strip and change into casual clothes after.