Future Entrepreneurs!

Last term, the grade 4s went to the only First Nations restaurant in Vancouver:  Salmon n’ Bannock.  They used their experience to create a Coast Salish inspired menu.  Hopefully one day in the future, we are able eat at these innovative restaurants!  🙂

  Coast Salish Diner

   The Coastal Cafe

  Dim Sum Yum

  Delicious Coast Salish Food

  Mr. Chum’s Cafe

  Yummy Place

  The Aboriginal Potlatch

  Coast Salish Eatery

  Salish Seafoods

  Klondike Foodrush

  Canoer’s Cafe

  The Coastal Grill

  High Salish




Wednesday Homework

Math Quest –  parent signature and corrections (Thurs)

Dance Workshop tmrw- come in P.E. strip and bring full uniform to change (Thurs)

Social Studies- Travel Brochure Due Feb. 26

**Special Reminder

Noon Dismissal Friday

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Tuesday Homework

Math Quest- parent signature and corrections on lined paper stapled to the back (Wed)

Mandarin- practice song and visit website

**Special Reminders

Mass tmrw- Ash Wednesday- full uniform

P.E. rescheduled at 1:30 pm tmrw – please bring P.E. uniform

Thursday- Dance workshop- bring P.E. uniform

Noon Dismissal Friday


Wednesday Homework

French- Unit Test – Identify family members and activities (Wed)

Math 4.2- pg. 222, 223 (Tue)

Mandarin- finish colouring project (Tue)

Bring a toque for Covenant House

** Special Reminders

No School Monday- Have a lovely Family Day!

Bring a snack for the class for our Valentine’s Party on Tuesday- No celebrations on Ash Wednesday

Spirit Day on Tuesday 13th- wear Valentine’s Day colours

Dance Workshop starts on Tuesday 13th – please bring your P.E. strip

Tuesday Homework

Math 4.2- pg. 219, 220, 221 (Wed)

** TIP: Multiplication.com is a great site for practice quizzes and games!  Students can create their own assessments for quick feedback and scoring

Mandarin- colouring supplies

** Special Reminders

Bring toques for Covenant House

Mass Tmrw- No P.E.

Monday Homework

French- worksheet pg. 95- 100 and Quiz  (Wed)   &     Worksheet pg. 206.1 – 206. 4 (Mon)

Coding- complete all puzzles (Fri)

** Special Reminders

No School Thursday, Friday, and Monday

Mass on Wednesday