Tuesday Homework

Math 4.2- pg. 219, 220, 221 (Wed)

** TIP: Multiplication.com is a great site for practice quizzes and games!  Students can create their own assessments for quick feedback and scoring

Mandarin- colouring supplies

** Special Reminders

Bring toques for Covenant House

Mass Tmrw- No P.E.

Monday Homework

French- worksheet pg. 95- 100 and Quiz  (Wed)   &     Worksheet pg. 206.1 – 206. 4 (Mon)

Coding- complete all puzzles (Fri)

** Special Reminders

No School Thursday, Friday, and Monday

Mass on Wednesday

Wednesday Homework

French- cahier pg. 13, 14, 15 Quiz activities of Family (Wed)

Spelling- Lesson 17 Post Test (Fri)

** Special Reminders

Field trip- please bring a packed lunch (NO NUTS).  The bus will leave at 9:00 am and the students will be picked up at 8:35 am from the gym tmrw.

February Newsletter

February Grade 4 Newsletter

Dear Parents,

We hope that this newsletter finds you all well. February is busy month for our grade 4 students, but they are up for the challenge!!

Social Studies:

We continue to learn about the First Nations culture. We will be also learning about the West Coast First Nations Peoples and other Aboriginal peoples in British Columbia. Again, we will examine their ways of life. We will look at food, clothing, shelter, transportation, government and religious beliefs.  We are looking forward to the Full Circle First Nations Performance on February 2nd, 2018.


As part of our science unit on Biomes, the students will be attending the Wet Lab workshop on February 1st, 2018 at the Vancouver Aquarium. The students will learn about animal adaptations, local marine ecosystems, and about the complex issues of marine debris.

Dates to remember:

  1. February 1 Field Trip to the Vancouver Aquarium
  2. February 2 Full Circle First Nations Performance
  3. February 8-9 Catholic Educators Conference(no school)
  4. February 12 Family Day (no school-go out and do something fun as a family)
  5. February 13, 15, 27 School wide Dance Workshop
  6. February 14  Ash Wednesday Mass (No Valentine Celebrations)

Thank you to all the parent volunteers who continue to help us in the classroom. We appreciate all that you do. God bless!




Mrs. S. Snyder and Miss S. LeRose

Tuesday Homework

P.E. Badminton court diagram (Wed)

French- pg. 69 and worksheet (Wed)

Coast Salish Menu Project (Wed)

Home Reading (Wed)

** Special Reminders

Full Circle Performance Friday- pls bring $1.00 donation

Vancouver Aquarium Field Trip on Thursday- Full uniform and a packed lunch (no nuts!)  Bus will leave promptly at 9:00 am

Monday Homework

Math Quest- rescheduled for tmrw

Spelling- Lesson 17 Post Test (Fri)

French- worksheet pg. 69 (Wed)

Mandarin- prepare for the basic art tools and supplies

Coding- complete lesson 9 and journal

** Special Reminders

Full Circle Presentation – Fri.  Please bring $1.00 to support the performance

Aladdin Costume – Grade 4 Townspeople- see notice

Friday Homework

Science- Rainforest and Aquatic Biome notes (Mon)

Math Quest on multiplication and division on Monday- study booklet available are for student practice and will not be collected for marks

Social Studies- Coast Salish Menu project (Wed)

P.E.- diagram of badminton court (Wed)

Thursday Homework

P.E. Tmrw!

Spelling- Post Test Lesson 16 (Fri)

L.A. Reading – Visualize paragraph (Fri)

Socials- Coast Salish Menu – Due Jan 31

** Special Reminders

Mass Tmrw at 9:00 am

Field Trip to the Aquarium – Feb 1